To trade in the Forex Market professionally do you need to be registered with the NFA? related questions

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To trade in the Forex Market professionally do you need to be registered with the NFA?0Roxy2012-08-16 14:23:02
I have different sources tell me yes and no. I know many of the new statutes have been passed to regulate the currency market and those who trade with it. But for the average person that currency trading for friends and family what you must be registered ? Are IB and Money Managers the same thing?
How can one trade the forex market and most importantly trade the news in the forex market?0caro2012-09-12 12:05:05
How do you operate in the forex market and the most important news of the trade in the Forex market ?
How to make trade in forex market & how to make profit in forex market is any one there who can answer me?0Us2012-08-09 12:07:08
my mobile number is +919890695069
Why are there so many Share trades registered after the market closes at 16:30?0Cold cold ˉ 2012-08-01 12:15:02
If you look at the Trades information for most major shares (eg. any ftse100) then there are usually a good 10+ trades logged AFTER 16:30, which is normal market closing time. These are often quite large volumes/value trades eg. today 10th May, share Wolseley (WOS). According to Digital Look from 16:32 to 16:50, there were 12 share trades registered. The total value of these was around
What is the forex market? can I use Yahoo to trade in forex?2paully2012-10-20 07:18:03
What is the Forex market ? I can use Yahoo to trade Forex ?
ECN Broker vs Forex Market Maker - What's the Main Difference between ECN Forex Brokers & Market Makers?0Gustav2012-10-27 15:14:38
I am willing to understand the differences between these two types of currency trading brokers .
Do I need to be registered and/or regulated by SEBI to provide forex trading tips?0Bella help please2012-10-26 03:12:14
Is it different for free tips and advice from wages ? With so many people giving advice through bulk SMS mobile these days , they all must be registered / regulated ?
What is the best currency to trade on the Forex market?0shaurya2012-10-16 00:05:54
I have $ 23 left of fairness , I do not know . I need some ideas of what currency to trade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please do not give me the ' constructive critisim ' if you do not have a currency pair and a reason that makes you think it will be a safe bet , do not comment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Can f-1 students trade in forex market?0annanae2012-09-26 21:52:04
f -1 can change student visa holder in the forex market , while studying in the U.S. ? If so , do I have to submit all the forms?
What is the most profitable method to trade the forex market?1Zoltan2012-10-15 23:02:03
What is the most profitable to operate in the Forex market ?
If I Open a trade in forex, Does it mean I'm creating a "market order"?0Mokete2012-09-15 21:21:03
I'm a newbie in forex trading , just downloaded a broker platform and make demo / practice account . MedlinePlus I see no option called "free trade" and also called " restore order " . I am confused that whether to open a position you must click "free trade " or " bring order " because what I learned from tutorials is that currency to buy or sell at the moment , create a " market order " , but in my business practice demo account is opened with just simple click on "free trade" , so I wonder what role the " place order "
Need help with finding forecast predictions in forex trade market?9Lindsey2016-01-29 21:56:25
does anyone know any reliable websites or any ways for which I can make better predictions in the forex market? Any trends in foreign exchange and riskless arbitrage? its for my international finance class. He wants us to trade in the forex market and write about why I choose that particular transactions but I do not know where to go to find good predictions. so rihgt now im just guessing but he wont accept that. please help?

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