How would you like to buy vacation properties with ten other people and divide the weeks equally yearly? related questions

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How would you like to buy vacation properties with ten other people and divide the weeks equally yearly?0Aron2012-08-16 06:33:15
Ten people buy the same amount of condominiums and equity participation may sell non-party, but only 1/10th of it. Each person would have more than 5 weeks throughout the year or you can rent weeks or remain in or trading with a week of their another.But be a set schedule so that everyone has the same amount of time at peak periods . Everything would be on the deed to the property and 1/10th availbe your property and may be able to sell there part at any price, but the buyer would own only 1/10th to keep it fair for everyone else. Of course , there are annual or monthly expenses , but among the 10 people would be pretty cheap. Sounds like a time share (I guess in a way it is ), but it would be a real owner with 9 other people and all decisions that are going to vote , and would not have legal documents courrse made ​​everyone just to avoid that all legal rights for all and all can have a good vacation spot in the coming years , with several weeks a year to enjoy.
How can I advertise my vacation property for seasonal vacation renting?1caiman, cayman2011-12-29 17:37:13
I carried out a number of properties in Greece and would like to rent to families. These are the villas and houses near the sea and Greek islands. How I can to promote and in what category? Do I have to create my own website or Alibaba will help me ?
Is 3% in three weeks good for my first 3 weeks on the stock market?1swan2012-10-25 10:48:49
I've been learning the stock market and how to trade and buy and sell signals for rent and also ensure simulation shares.I has leverage.I 100,000 $ 100,000 3% have done so far and I've only been doing this good 3 weeks.Is ?
Should wealth in the USA be more equally distributed (redistributed)?0abebe2012-11-04 19:30:08
What Is The Current Wealth Distribution in America? "Wealth varies significantly between the top 5% wealthiest and the poorest 50% of Americans. In the United States, the average family household income is somewhere near $50,000 per year. Meanwhile, there are rich people yanking up the average who make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, while numerous others are below the poverty line. Moreover, the income divide is highly correlated with one's racial/ethnic profile." How Should America Be In Accordance with its Founders? "The Founders of America made it a top priority for this nation to "promote the general welfare", realizing people are born with different amounts of wealth. Freedom in America depends on the exercise of freedom of individuals, and their free will is limited to their purchasing power. Since one's personal freedom in a global economic system depends exclusively on one's pre-existing wealth, the Founders of America intended for our nation to promote the general welfare. This was clearly put in the preamble of the US Constitution for a good reason." Why Do We Have Such Inequality of Wealth Among Americans? "14th Amendment of the US Constitution: The existence of corporations with the same rights as individuals may be the culprit. The freedom of one group of Americans would be in perpetual competition with the freedoms of other Americans, but this competition was lost when corporations and their investors became the same as a human beings following the ratification of the 14th Amendment." Corporate entities have the same rights as individuals, but without the unlimited liability, deep pockets, and countless attorneys. Those who do not adhere to this kind of hierarchy can no longer compete nor challenge the money-generating corporate machines." We can take one look at BP and get a clear picture, we can look at Enron, Halliburton, WorldCom, Exxon-Valdez, Bush in the Savings and Loans, special interests in Washington." Those in these elite circles perpetuate wealth, and those who do not wish to live by the status quo perpetuate poverty because of the US power structure. So What Is the Result of this Inequality? The American dream is being achieved by only a slice of the US citizenry, despite the potential for a happy freedom with funding abundant enough to supply for all. Because the ability to obtain resources to grow in any trade or business in order to obtain more purchasing power is dependent on one's pre-existing wealth, and because wealth creates more wealth, and wealth multiplies wealth, the majority live shorter and more hostile lives than the elite. So Lets Fix This? I agree, and the way to go about it is to give more opportunities to individuals and less opportunities to corporations. We need to distribute wealth in this country more evenly across individual Americans. We can also increase corporate taxes, but eliminate dividends taxes. We can provide basic legal services to lower income individuals free of charge. We should have a healthcare policy in this country that is not tied to the employer because corporations should not dictate who gets treated and who does not. We need an individual-based economy, not a mass corporate one, and we need to work towards this to restore conscience and hope in American endeavors. People who have ideas too often a time these days have no avenues to take their ideas because corporations have the raw resources.
How many trading days in the NASDAQ yearly?0shanticia2012-07-18 02:38:02
How many trading days in the Nasdaq will there be in 2008? Do they change yearly? I have to convert the daily return to yearly and dont know how many days to use? Its for my Corporate Finance class, help!
Would you invest in business plan that generates times return yearly?2ll12262012-10-20 14:22:02
I tested a model that could generate not percentages, but sometimes more than your investment each year (more than 10 times a year). Although, I admit I am yet to test it with real money - that has been tested with the demo software mathematical formulas months + + + computer code backed by heavy logic. The ptoblem unique is that since I'm still a student in the economy ... and not even an American, it is difficult to start this great idea. Need at least about 10K to meet certain intermediates margin and exchanges. MedlinePlus Here is my plan: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I did not want any money upfront. You can open a letter of credit in the bank of your choice (and I want to review the bank also - I would prefer banks like UBS, chace etc. ..). MedlinePlus So ... Once the letter is opened and set the conditions - will let you know the model I + can also share your money. So ... to release the money, etc ... MedlinePlus I will not reveal my ideas for free, so please, do not bother sending me messages here :). Also, please save the stupid jokes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Needless to say - the model is legal and is not tax avoidance or etc. Moreover, despite its potential - not cause major failures macroecnomics :). MedlinePlus If you want to have a very brief, here is my website: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Within the website - some claims are made (on neural networks, kelly criterion, Chernoff bounds, etc. ..). But such ideas, while applying my model - not the center of everything. I am extremely careful to reveal the same pattern. Only people who start the investment process - would be given more and more as the development of trade relations MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus And the e-mail if you are ready to invest: MedlinePlus [email protected] MedlinePlus Thanks for your attention.
Why do companies divide the stock price?0Jacklyn2012-10-03 12:45:46
The closing price on 9 September Tatamotors was 765 . However, the opening price on 12 Sep ( next trading day ) was 149 . soak it in stock price or the company has divided the share price . If it's a final , why companies do this. what is the impact on shareholders ? Is it good for them or what? kindly details on this
So my boyfriend is on vacation....?0Lourdes2012-10-12 20:50:36
who is visiting her parents in a foregin country ... far, far away from the little old USA . So ... talk online every night that is traded in the stock market ( the time difference is like 12 hours ) So Sunday was going to go to another country with his parents to visit relatives .... i asked if we spoke Sunday n I said yes he is leaving home for the airport at noon , so let's talk . So my boyfriend never misses a day in trading in the stock market for anything . Soooo ... Sunday i log on and hes no ... so I think hes worried n packaging or something ... today is Monday thennnn ... No other trading day is not yet here . The scariest things are going through my mind I can not help but wonder hes hurt . Should I be freaking out ? I do not think this has happened with us (we've been dating for five years ) His cell is disconnected from hes been there so no other communication addressed to him toher that m yahoo messenger.i "about to go crazy : ( i No worries I miss him
Reverse split shares for a company about to divide?1big red2012-10-21 16:15:03
A company I have stock with, is going to divide into 3 diff companys. Right now stock trades around 30 per share, and they are sending out ot shareholders to vote on doing a 1 in 4 reverse. Mainly, 4 stocks at 30 would be combined into 1, so then would be 1 stock at 120. My thinking is having a company's stock trading at 30 now, if they put it up like that, would make the value drop. Jumping from 30 to 120, would prob drop in trading value. My question is anybody know based on past experience what usually happens. I'm trying to decide if I should sell now or if the reverse thing is good.
Who are groups of Hudson bay traders that made yearly fur trading trips to remote places?0brandi2012-07-28 05:33:01
Who are the groups of traders in Hudson Bay that made annual trips to the fur trade to remote locations ?
Any creative ways to go on a vacation without the kid besides getting a sitter?3?, hard to Him. -2012-09-10 18:30:02
We are new to the area and do not have family or friends who can sit or trade babysitting for free, and get a babysitter for a week is more expensive than the holidays. All creative ideas in places that keep a child at night , like a camp , which could be a cheaper option ? We are talking about a 10 year old boy .
What summer vacation in school right small business?2the prosexionist 2016-02-26 19:05:11
What summer vacation in the small business school right?

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