How does cheat prevent on the net? ?

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How to avoid pitfalls in the network? ?
Answer1thoroughbredAnswered at 2012-01-30 22:49:40
The method of cheating is now increasing , short messages, mail, phone, waited a moment, remembering the days of " will not drop pasty" certainly not going to take that in general the mean gain was not fooled . A lot of pretending to be a commercial venture to say now is that they have what the customer wants to buy the foreign manufacturer of the number of teams , we ask you to negotiate; This is a cheat , the computer maker purchases is about to go to the first floor views of the manufacturer , why go with empty hands out there talking about them? Does the customer purchases the equipment manufacturer can not see the real force that can not see manufacturer can believe? They still have a lot of companies call themselves produce a new product to want to find an agent , which has for example turning the cloth , screen pack to wait a moment , help you make the first announcement, crossing some of day to look for these things about meeting someone, and let you look at the high benefit , do you think the chances ? What he had seen a lot, we ask everyone to identify it .
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