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Let's talk about immigration some more...?3reggie2012-09-10 07:36:02
This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman did some good points. For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. This woman made the argument pretty simple. It is printed on paper ................... Orange County Newspapers simply will not publish letters to the editor, which Or deem politically incorrect (read below) or disagree with the philosophy that is driving the public. This woman wrote a letter to the editor should have published, but with their help you get published through cyberspace! Immigrants in New From: "David LaBonte" My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of The OC Register which, of course, was not printed. Therefore, I decided to "print" it myself by sending! Agricultural Research, USDA Internet. Go along if you feel so inclined. David Labonte (signed) Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in The Orange County Register: Dear Editor: So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for his part, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty, because People now it is not the same way those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry. Perhaps we should turn to the history books and point people like Mr. Lujan why today's America is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. By 1900, when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a boat and stand in a line ng here in New York and be documented. Some even get down on hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made one! undertake to respect the laws and support their new country in good times and bad. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to integrate into their new home. Had been stirred goodbye to his birthplace to give his children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. None were given. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws that protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to negotiate a future prosperity. Most of their children came of age when the Second World War broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight from Germany, Italy, France and Ja pan. None of these 1st generation The Americans never gave any thought about what the country of his parents had come. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor! Japan. They were defending United States of America as one people. When liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or German or Irish American USA. The people of France saw only Americans. And leads to a flag representing a country. Not one of these children of immigrants who have thought about picking another country's flag and waving to those who represent were. It would have been an embarrassment to his parents, who had sacrificed so much for being here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. Stir the USDA crucible in a bowl red, white and blue. And here we in 2006 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. They just want to achieve it playing with a different set of rules, one which includes USDA right to the card and the guarantee of being faithful to their motherland. Sorry, that's not what it means to be a America is all. I think that immigrants landed at Ellis Island in 1900 deserve better that for all the hard work and sacrifice work increased future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I I think it would be terrible being used as a example, the flags of foreign countries. And so suggestion to demolish the statue of Liberty, which going to mean much to citizens who vote in the immigration law. I do not start talking about dismantling the United States at the moment. (Signed) Rosemary LaBonte I hope this letter is read by millions of people around throughout the country! Always forward! God Bless America
When politicians say "comprehensive immigration reform" do they just mean "make illegal immigration legal"?0REANNA2012-08-16 15:00:31
I've been looking at the Dream Act and think if that was to become U.S. law might say " anyone can come here and forever. " Both Republicans and Democrats talk about " comprehensive immigration reform ", but that just means that they all want to import illegal immigrants with impunity and then replace them when they become more on citizens until wages are going to nowhere and we all have to crawl on the rich. Free trade and fair immigration reform apparently trick phrases " I do not want to pay the minimum wage so it will ruin the country and the use of ships on the seas and the importation of illegal immigrants who do not have to pay a living wage or provide health care . What are your thoughts ?
What are the best indicators that lets you know to buy a stock?0Jab2012-08-14 03:17:36
I'm trying to day trade and have been pretty good stock selection . He wanted to know if anyone can shed some light on what is the best way to identify a good deed for the day. Thanks for all the complete answers.
Lets say I have 1K, can this go anywhere in options trading?1kionna hewitt2012-07-29 00:45:02
I dont wanna know if you think it can i want to know if it feasibly can.
Lets be honest, Heat won't move on. What's next?4Lyzz2015-08-28 02:13:35
Those of you who think Wade should be traded or Bosh , stop. Look at what's real reasons for the Heat made ​​the big 3 . Need a star player LeBron is supporting to win games . The fact that Wade had a bad game the last game does not make him a bad player . He is a Hall of Fame in the future. That 's not the point , however , the other thing is that Wade is a cold blooded murderer . Like Kobe, who is not afraid to take the last shot. Lebron struggle in the gut check time , while Wade usually does not. Pat Riley is a loyal, and even said Mike Miller, who would not trade him . There is no way that he would trade Wade. Bosh has almost no commercial value and that really means a lot to the team. Breaking up the Big 3 is a big mistake , and Pat Riley knows. Erik Spoelstra, should be dismissed ? yes you should, that is not handling the team well and know it's not really a good coach. I think Pat is going to take over. They have to add a little more role players which means they must sign Jason Terry and Steve Nash (both have said they want to play with the heat). Here 's where it gets difficult, you need to get a good center . This is the final piece of the puzzle. Greg Oden may be a good choice, but need to find someone. But stop the trade of Wade here. He is the best player in Miami Heat franchise history and no Miami Heat without D- Wade. Face of the franchise , nuff said . Thoughts on who should be hired as coach / pick up in free agency or the draft ?
Immigration question for Maggie?0sara h.2012-09-06 11:18:05
Maggie , when he said that " if he had strong ties to my country " , what does that mean ? Do you mean in relation to work , family or people who can attest to my integrity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My intention is to come to the UK for work . I would like to come and open a carpentry business in what would be the creation of jobs for people . I was in the UK for quite some time and made some very good friends who have children who want to enter the trade , but have so much trouble paying for training or can not get jobs because they have no experience. I would go on all above board on this occasion . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is the UK immigration grant me a visa without knowing my history and what the future of the company will become? As with any business , a person can not say coincidence if it's a MedlinePlus set correctly or not. MedlinePlus I really enjoyed my stay in the UK and really would love to return . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And yes , no more than stay again . The reasons for my stay my welcome was a bit personal , but none the less it is not good to have done.
U S companies and illegal immigration?0rufus2012-10-05 09:16:04
Most companies outsource to other countries for several reasons . 2 of the biggest are lower wages and fewer regulations on contaminants in the air and earth . See the world has now taken up the cause of global warming and cleaning up our ecological system should these companies not based in the U.S. responsible for their actions in regard to pollution and contribute to illegal immigration by offering low wages in these countries ? I refer specifically to China and Mexico as the main examples . We have a lot of Chinese people here illegally believe it or not . Often , for use in the sex trade . Maybe if something was enforced here regarding these companies to pay a living wage abroad and outside our borders think twice before leaving outsourcing jobs here for us . Also these countries , then would not need the billions we give our tax dollars to help them clean up their pollution . Can you regulate that? Or is it left to each country?
What do you think Economy Not Reliant On Illegal Immigration ?1BOB PLEASE HELP2012-09-28 03:51:02
Take a couple of minutes reading read.If not for you skip this question.One of the arguments now being made to increase the intake of immigrants and guest workers is that is vital to the health of the economy nation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If this were true , it would be a difficult decision has to be made between economic stagnation and the social and environmental impact of the addition of higher population growth on top of what is too much. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fortunately , no real dilemma . The economy can grow healthily with low immigration . How do we know ? Our economic history proves this fact . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Between 1925 and 1965 , we had a level of immigration that averages less than 180,000 viewers per year. Illegal immigration during that period was not the major problem it is today. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To The City MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During this period of restricted immigration
"Relate" education in the view of Australian Immigration?0Sara & Anonymous2012-10-27 14:12:00
I have 35 years old , so I can not afford the time to do trial and error in my decision . MedlinePlus Currently just finished Master of Professional Accounting in Australia and says I have to do another year " related " to get education " temporary resident " here in Australia . MedlinePlus I'm from Indonesia , and temporary residential arriving here or if I could I want to be a citizen . MedlinePlus The problem is that the only teacher I want to do is Master in Business Law and Commerce . I do not know if that is "related" or not my teacher of accounting at the hearing on immigration assessmentt . If you think you are concerned, I will lose a year and money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If that's the case , does not, I might do in the UK , a little cheaper and more prestigious (Australian , no offense please) MedlinePlus Please give me advice .. MedlinePlus thank you
Why was there an increase in immigration from Mexico during the decades following World War II?1Larr2012-09-08 09:13:02
Why was there an increase in immigration from Mexico during the decades after World War II ? There was a shortage of cheap labor in the United States. MedlinePlus There was a revolution in Mexico , causing refugees to flee. MedlinePlus A free trade zone was established between the U.S. MedlinePlus and Mexico . MedlinePlus C
Why do people who are not happy with immigration gloss over these facts?2gianina2012-10-06 06:08:02
if Britain had an empire , would have little need for connection to the rest of the world and remain competitive obtained during the imperial reign . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If Britain did not commit a large scale crime against ethnic minorities in the murders of the past , as the slave trade , the mass of colonial subjects , then there would have immigration problems in society that challenge the moral values ​​of society , and therefore had to set up some laws to remedy that. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If Britain did not try to impose their culture on others in the past , today they do not have their ideology acceptable to others by accepting people all over the world so he could keep Britain as the financial center the world from the colonial rule and to show to the world that the UK is now a changed society , not one that believes in the slave trade and colonization and disagrees with the international values ​​of democracy and human rights . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So, yes , Britain could do without immigration , but of course also want their politicians , but it is so difficult for Britain to do that without Britain unacceptable to the world . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Countries with no colonial past has little to immigration issues without being subjected to furious debate in the world . So they have more flexibility in how you could control immigration .
Lets say D Howard stays in Orlando for his final contract year...?3Bjorn2012-09-21 11:49:02
and plays it out to become an unrestricted free agent and D Will signs with Brooklyn a long term 5 year $85 mill contract with a player option for a 6th year, that means D Will will have to endure another losing season with the Nets just to wait for D howard to come and play there in the 2013-2014 season. I don't think that gonna happen. If I were D Will, I would go to Dallas, winning franchise, great owners, free agents always want to play there and Dirk can stil play at an Elite Level. Nets would have to get rid of majority of there talent to get HOward in a trade. Howard and D Will on Brooklyn IS NOT HAPPENING!

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