Please help me with this history quiz?

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1. What element in securing a war between Britain and Germany would other nations?

A. a. entanglement system
alliances B. b. new technologies of war, poison gas and airplanes
C. c. the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo
D. d. the rise of nationalism
2. During World War II, Japanese Americans were relocated from their homes in the West Coast of the U.S. internment camps within the U.S.. This action indicates a widespread fear that Japanese Americans were

A. a. a threat to national security.
B. b. Communist Party members.
C. c. competing for employment in the factories during the war.
D. d. emigrate to the United States in large numbers.
3. During the investigation of the crisis in Bosnia, we discover four books published recently on the crisis. Which of the following authors is more likely that the resource will provide more credible?

A. A news correspondent who reported from Bosnia for two years
B. An athlete who competed in the Olympics held in Sarajevo, Bosnia
C. A tourist who spent a holiday in Bosnia
D. The announcer local television news reporting of the news of the day at 6 and 23:00
4. Which of the following is least likely to be part of a compelling defense of a position on an issue?

A. Provision of data to support the position
B. The sequencing of a logical argument
C. Give the views of second-hand sources
D. Presentation of the contributions of those involved in the issue
5. A school superintendent believes that physical education (PE) classes to improve student academic performance. This thesis can be supported or refuted by

A. a. data from schools in the cost of physical education equipment.
B. b. data from a survey of student opinion about physical education classes.
C. c. comparing data from fitness students before and after the EP.
D. d. data comparing student test scores in schools with and without PD.
6. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the primary reason African-American migration in the early 1920?

A. Migration was from north to south to take advantage of the north? Climate
s B. Migration was from north to south due to employment opportunities in northern
C. Migration was from north to south to take advantage of the south? Climate
s D. Migration was from north to south due to employment opportunities in South
7. The United States? Marshall Plan after the Second World War was an effort to provide

A. military aid to its allies.
B. military aid to their former enemies.
C. economic aid to war-torn Europe.
D. economic aid to the starving in Africa.
8. The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the 18th century as a result of technological innovations in the production of cotton cloth. What major change in the economies of Europe and the United States was launched by this development?

A. a. an increasing proportion of the workforce engaged in the manufacture
B. b. the labor shortages resulting from a reduction of the population
C. c. a change in the free market systems of command economies
D. d. decreased need for international trade agreements
9. Which of the following is not an effect of the Industrial Revolution?

A. a. A growing number of people worked in factories
B. b. A growing number of people lived in cities
C. c. A growing number of people working in family farms
D. d. A growing number of people left the family farm
10. In 1898, U.S. support Cuba's independence led to war with Spain and contributed to the United States become an imperial power. What was a decisive factor in the decision to go to war?

A. a. the opportunity to annex Hawaii
B. b. the desire to acquire a naval base
C. c. Protection of U.S. Trade and trade
D. d. the need for a shorter route from the Atlantic to the Pacific, USDA 11. As the Second World War was coming to an end and it was clear that the victorious allies, relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union could be described as

R. Never better than the two nations agreed on the issues of the war.
Both good and Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin B. trust each other.
C. increasing distrust one another? S motifs.
D. about to go to war against each other.
12. Which of the following groups was instrumental in trying to help African Americans achieve equality before the law?

A. Black Panthers
B. b. National Organization for Women (NOW)
C. c. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
D. d. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
13. The international organization created to preserve peace after the Second World War was the

A. League of Nations.
B. United Nations.
C. Organization of American States.
D. Atlantic Treaty Organization North.
14. In Industrial Revo

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