Visa card identity theft should I file police report?

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Asked at 2012-08-15 13:59:33
Someone got my VISA card online information and my address and made two purchases of $ 85 online flower . I called the company of flowers and actually has the name and address of the flowers were delivered to ( in another city) , and the email address used by the impostor. They gave my name and business address of flowers and card info.when my order.
I called the bank and close my Visa debit card while being investigated for a refund .

This incident occurred a few days later I joined a company online stock trading and gave them my account information ( but not my credit card) to verify the transaction. I suspect someone hacked my information from them or some other recent online merchant .
How I can find out what the company of my information was stolen to avoid dealing with them in the future.

Also, someone mentioned about filing a police report.
What good is this? I feel uncomfortable that the criminal has my home address and the number of my card. ( Now canceled) . I'm not sure that the police forge a bond between me and the thief that.

What do you think ?
Thank you.
Answer1I REALLY NEED HELP!Answered at 2012-08-25 20:09:18
Online theft is a booming business worldwide . And why do you think the police MedlinePlus would share their information ? MedlinePlus Anyone who hates or dislikes that police are more likely than those who are doing time for crimes committed in life. MedlinePlus But do not hesitate to call the police when they are in deep **** and over their heads when someone is trying to kill them . Tell me why is that? MedlinePlus Why always fleeing police after committing a crime or hitting someone are only a handful of candy - @ valuing or what? MedlinePlus If you can not do the time then do not do the crime .
Answer2vivAnswered at 2012-09-02 21:23:02
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