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Question on buying stocks?1Mariam2012-09-21 10:43:02
hello I am thinking of buying some stocks ford .... What is the future of her ... please suggest ......... is AFTER stocks that are less than $ 5 so I could get now .. Also, Scottrade is a good tool for stock trading .... this is the first time I'm in populations .. so please advise
Question About Stocks Trading and Buying (Tecmo)?0hellen2012-10-16 15:43:30
I made stock trading , but now I have a question about the actions of Tecmo . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking of buying Tecmo ( some company stock ) MedlinePlus Electronic commerce that says : OTC Trade Last Trade Delayed from MedlinePlus 24/07/08 17:21 ET MedlinePlus In general I see a date of today or yesterday , but the last transaction was more than a month . Now when I read volume Share says 0. In fact , the price has not changed in months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Question about buying options?2karly2012-09-09 04:13:02
What would be the best way to go around buying stocks like mac and mae in bulk?0Janna2012-08-29 23:43:13
I want to buy these as 200 each , not much but I want it for a certain price , how I can do that ? Is there any way of live online trading of shares ?
About buying stocks and trading?1Twinkle2012-09-20 13:08:03
I'm pretty new to this purchase and sale of shares ... understanding of terminology and to all e-commerce , etc ... is a person who specializes in this type of training given .... intensive or give ua little or walking you throught and gives u the whole explanation of why is that .... ? or is there a college course on that sort of thing ?
How to Start Buying Stocks?0Sheryll2012-09-11 19:41:04
I have 16 years and recently discovered my interest in business and am interested in starting to buy my own inventories. The problem is that I have no idea how to start this , really only started getting into business and such because of an accounting course im currently taking in high school . My dad has some stocks and trade as well , but I want to have atleast a little background information before I talk to him about it , something that may be read at night just to understand the basics of to begin . and advice / suggestions on reading material ?
Selling and buying stocks?0Mina2012-11-06 06:42:46
This lady told me this about selling and buying stocks in the same day--she said: If you have less than $25,000 then you can only buy/sell (the same stock) 3 times in a 5 day period. So during M-F let's say you buy/sell AAPL on Tuesday (day 1)....Buy/sell X on Thursday (day 1)....Buy sell CAT on the following Monday (day 1)....You have reached the 3 day trades in a 5 day period limit. can any one put that in better words or help me to understand what she is meaning?
Question about buying a mustang in the near future?1loooooooser2012-08-05 06:56:48
Right now i own a 2004 tiburon and im thinking about buying a 2001-2005 mustang in the future. I have a loan on the tiburon and still need to pay around $6,500 for it, if I were to trade that car in for the mustang in the next year or so would that loan just roll over to the mustang? Or do I have to pay the tiburon off first before i can trade or sell for the mustang?
I am interested in buying so low cost stocks.....?1Robert Stevens2012-10-03 17:28:02
and would like to buy stock in the " penny stock " business . However, all trading venues such as electronic commerce , etc. require an account minimum of $ 500 and I have that amount on hand that can safely invest. Where I can go buy small quantities of these populations to begin with?
Buying pink sheet stocks?0help...2012-08-18 09:41:02
Hello , I have a couple of questions with respect to stocks pink sheet . My first question is , what are some online brokers that allow you to trade. Pink ( pink slip ) actions? I am with TradeKing , and they allow you to trade OTC (over the counter ) stocks, but not the pink sheets ... I think. So does anyone know where I can negotiate this type of action ? Also, what is the difference between a pink sheet and OTC stock ? My next question is, how safe is to assume that one can do a decent amount of trade in exchange for these actions? For example , I've been keeping my eyes on this population is fairly constant fluctuating between 0.0001 and 0.0003 per share. Now if I were to come when the action reaches 0.0001 and 0.0003, which could make the bank , right? It just seems that something is wrong jump to that assumption , so I want to make sure before you throw a lot of money in this population. I mean , could you get in at 0.0001 and then sell to 0.0003 ? Or is it much more difficult than I 'm imagining ? Any help is greatly appreciated here !
Online Trading? Buying Stocks?1Keyanna2012-11-02 03:57:02
I wonder what are some ways to buy and trade stocks ? I was thinking something like Etrade or Scottrade . What would you recommend ? Why? What are some of the pros and cons ?
I'd like to start buying/trading Stocks. What's the best way to do so?2momof32012-08-16 06:44:33
I've never purchased a stock in my life. I don't work anymore, so I'd like to learn how to make money using the Stock Market. Is there a tutorial? Perhaps a step-by-step instruction for idiots?

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