Imported drug registration No H20060262

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Asked at 2012-01-30 18:13:57
Registration No. H20060262 imported drugs what medicine ah? Thank you !
Answer1HoracAnswered at 2012-01-30 18:19:05
Registration No. Registration No. H20030629 H20060262 original product name (Chinese ) Product name propylthiouracil tablets ( English) PropylthiouracilTablets trade name ( Chinese) Product Name (English ) formulations (in Chinese ) Specification of the tablets ( China) 50 mg Registered No. packaging Comments (Chinese ) 100 tablets / bottle manufacturers ( Chinese) manufacturer ( English) DR.HERBRANDbyRIEMSERArzneimittelAG address of the manufacturer (Chinese) address of the manufacturer (English) Brambachstrasse31 , D- 77723Gengenbach , Germany supplier countries (china ) , a German manufacturer of the United States (English ) approval of Germany's sub - text date package expiration date of issue 12/11/2008 08/02/2006 packaging companies sub -sub- packaging company name the date of approval of the direction of the sub -sub- category symbol symbol package product package expiry date of the name of the chemical company ( China ) company Name (English) address DR.HERBRANDbyRIEMSERArzneimittelAG (Chinese ) Address ( in English ) Brambachstrasse31 , D- 77723Gengenbach , countries Germany ( Chinese) German States (English ) Administrative information protection pharmacy Germany pharmaceuticals
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