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At what point do you consider revolution a legitimate option?10Herb2012-10-15 07:50:02
while the general public does not support the inauguration of Obama health care , I do not think most abominable considered sufficient. when Obama passes cap and trade, which probably will not either. such things are bad policy , but not necessarily strike at the heart of our inalienable rights . What happens when 20-30 gives amnesty to illegal aliens ? There may be a case ... see our leaders , democratically elected or not, have the right to give our nation to another? Probably not, but of course I will argue that he did not. However, when it comes to things like taking away our freedoms of expression , religion and the right to bear arms ... What we then have the duty ( to our parents , our neighbors and our children ) to the rebellion?
Chinese Revolution and the similarities between what the Russian February Revolution1Addison2012-09-22 15:56:02
For options trading, how do I calculate what the premium price of the call option will be for each point the s?0Chucky2012-07-13 22:14:02
During the Industrial Revolution?1grey owl jr.public school2012-11-04 12:41:02
During the Industrial Revolution MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A. the population of England and Wales fell sharply due to accidents at work , leading the union movement MedlinePlus B. the population of England and Wales increased dramatically MedlinePlus C. the population of England and Scotland was drastically reduced due to contamination of the many new factories killing people in the cities , but the increase in immigration and environmental regulation MedlinePlus D. the population of England and Scotland was reduced due to pollution in the cities led many Britons to emigrate to the United States and Australia , but increased when many Britons embraced Roman Catholocism in 1800.
Are you ready for an economic revolution?0Prima2012-10-17 02:25:31
A sustainable model for global trade to avoid debt crisis MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Our current model of foreign trade is direct payments for goods and services, which creates problems with trade imbalances that can lead to a debt crisis. Some developed countries such as the U.S. has a chronic trade deficit, because the high standard of living for most industries uncompetitive in the global economy. This chronic trade deficit generates an outflow of money from the nation of consumers, which inevitably leads to a crisis of consumer debt and the nation must continually borrow money from other countries to maintain this constant flow of money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The simple solution to this is to simply eliminate the idea of ​​using debt to sustain a persistent trade deficit. Instead of lending money to the nation of consumers, foreign nations simply can make a free transfer of money to the nation of consumers, to keep the flow of money without creating debt. This creates a close economic link between the producer and consumer of the nation, without the restriction of trade resulting from the country's ever-growing consumer debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As absurd as it sounds, is preferable to the alternative. These foreign nations depend U.S. to provide a market for its exports. These exports pay the salaries of their workers and pay benefits to business owners who employ workers. If the U.S. is unable to maintain persistent trade deficits, these wages and benefits come to an end. So in the interest of exporting nations to gratuitous transfers of money to the U.S. to create a sustainable flow of wages and benefits to its export economy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If this model is adopted, the results will be devastating. Finally, the consuming country may go bankrupt. Or, the natural market forces will eventually devalue the currency of the consumer until they simply can not afford to be a consumer country any longer, and brute force of the free market will force balanced trade. The worst case scenario would be that the consumer nation to impose tariffs on imports or start printing money to accelerate the effects of natural market forces. In any case, the result is that producing countries lose their market and their export economy as accidents nationwide consumer redo most of their goods and services at home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Proponents of free trade have always said that globalization will result in our economies increasingly inextricably linked. The elimination of the external debt and the realization of the free transfer of money from producing countries to consuming countries is one way to make this dream a reality.
Industrial revolution questions?1Gayle2015-07-29 22:27:00
I have a few questions I need help with industrial revolution , please. 1 . ) The needs of the industrial revolution in 19th century Europe has contributed to the a . growth overseas empire c . from the triangular trade c . development of international peace organizations d. promoting political and economic equality in Asia and Africa . 2) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels encouraged workers to improve their lives through : a . the choice of union representative b. participate in local government c . the overthrow of the capitalist system d. claiming pensions and disability insurance thanks :)
American Revolution Question?0Sheila2012-09-21 19:37:03
I know that the American colonies were trading with the Spanish that the English did not like , but not to help the Spanish American colonies in the Revolutionary War ? MedlinePlus I think they did so they could keep the trade route open , so a stronger international power . Correct me if I'm wrong .
Please, help here in history (French Revolution)?0Josh Knight2012-07-28 14:58:59
The meter is equivalent to one tenth-millionth of the length of the quadrant of the Earth and is part of the Decimal Metric System (MDS), one of the most remarkable inventions of the Enlightenment period and a permanent legacy of the French Revolution. Until then, anthropocentric measures were used (as the foot, the palm, the cubit, etc..) Which, besides having no relation with each other, varied between regions and countries, making the collection of taxes, trade and scientific exchange. The French National Assembly has determined that the scientists to study a system of practical and valid measures "for all times to all people." The Decimal Metric System was adopted in France in 1799 and defined its primary measure (the meter), based on the size of Earth, or something unchangeable and common to all countries. Check the box that best expresses the meaning of this invention. (A) system imposed on France by the European counterrevolutionary coalition led by Britain. (B) System adopted to strengthen the continental blockade which Napoleon imposed on Europe. (C) system whose adoption was derived from the will of the king of France who enjoyed crafts and needed modern standards of measurement. (D) system typical of the scientific mentality of the eighteenth century, for binding measures all things to objective dimensions of nature. (E) system resulting from the innovation system of the Terror during the French Revolution.
Compare and Contrast American Revolution to the war in Iraq?0Jonesy 312012-08-08 02:17:03
Similarities and differences of the American Revolution to the war in Iraq on these issues. - Military - Civil -Global -Trade - Politics - Time
Do you think a revolution will happen because people feel they can't fix the government?2reeves2012-09-07 20:17:02
I believe it might happen one day because people want a better government, they are sick of the lobbyist and special interest running the country, many people don't want the trade agreements or illegal aliens in the country and they could stop that in 15 minutes by putting the army on the border, many many other things people are sick of and the government is not fixing it, i just think it could all lead to a bunch of pissed off people wanting a new government for the people and by the people.
International policies resulting from industrial revolution?0Dennie2012-09-01 18:08:03
What were some of the new forms of international policy that resulted from the industrial revolution ? and how industrialization changed domestic political sources of foreign policy of the states? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that the industrial revolution had much effect on trade and international policies implemented had some because they simply do not know what
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