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Which of these exist or existed?1confused mom2012-08-22 03:27:03
1 . God , omnipotent, omnibenevolent creator , knowing the universe. 2 . God, the social and cultural concept . 3 . Jesus , Son of God and redeemer of mankind. 4 . Jesus, itinerant rabbi from Galilee 5 . The devil , hell, eternal torture , the Fall, and the sinfulness of man. 6 . A common desire for justice for those who " got away with it " in life. 7 . Nostradamus, narrator of the future 8 . Nostradamus , author of some poems can be maddeningly vague to interpret any of a million ways 9 . A large-scale conspiracy to inflate too much the scope of the Holocaust 10 . The Holocaust 11 . A large-scale conspiracy to simulate moon landings 12 . Moon landings 13 . A large-scale conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy 14 . The assassination of John F. Kennedy 15 . A large-scale conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center , sponsored by the U.S. government and with the help of incendiary devices , covered by the recruitment of Saudi terrorists to sacrifice their lives on behalf of U.S. imperialism 16 . A large-scale conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center by aircraft flying into the buildings 17 . The miracles or magic 18 . Charlatans and people who believe
What kind of conditions existed in Britain before the Industrial Revolution?195mayada2022-05-17 07:10:22
What kind of conditions existed in Britain before the Industrial Revolution ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A. Britain had a powerful nobility who wanted to limit change . MedlinePlus B. Britain does not have laws to protect investments . MedlinePlus C. Britain had social mobility , which encouraged people to work hard . MedlinePlus D. Britain was not interested in international trade .
mp3 file on how to do not exist1chameleon2012-05-01 20:37:41
256 MB MP4 Cangtian it was empty when sent to the E a dialog box appears : Can not create directory or file
Does the company exist?1jotay2012-09-11 21:12:03
Dear manager, I am a member of trade manger.Now i want to export fused interlinings to the company named below: Agynigerialtd.,17 cameroon road,abia state.. As they are asking for interlining samples we are preparing so. Therefor we want to know is that importer exist or not.. thank you Rubel
Exist in Zuo Zuo , how should Zha decide just not Ta ?1Jerr2012-03-09 04:55:04
If I decide to avoid the Zuo Zuo Yu platform , but be the same as that Zuo Zuo not being added contents for Zuo, then you want me how to manage Ta? If the answer of guests Zuo Zuo ? But it is quite possible Zuo Zuo Zuo Zuo if Zuo
Why do stock markets exist?0Im2012-09-21 02:16:03
What do you really use? If it is just for businesses to raise capital , then why trade stocks all day exchanging billions of dollars? And when you and I buy or sell a stock , we are not actually investing in the company , only exchange the ownership of the shares - so why markets exist ?
Does the law exist to protect the privileged?0AyPa2012-08-26 10:48:02
I think so . Take, for example , thieves , get hard time. Insider trading on the other hand is a slap on the wrist . Or look at the drug laws , for example. How many lucrative career options exist for those with only a high school education ? The more I think about the law , which seems more ethical . What do you say ?
EMS tracking number fails exist2nightingale2012-01-12 02:11:25
About my Order 1002453098 :: Provider: Youlan Zhou Email: [email protected] ME860 MOTOROLA Atrix "4G " dual -core $ 183.24 / piece EMS : Sub - Total: $ 183.24 U.S. Shipping Cost: U.S. $ 0.00 Total: U.S. $ 183.24 When I ask the provider about any problems in the EMS tracking code EE222760539CN and why the emergency stop page of the site , respond as follows : Location: ::: Please tell me why this tracking number EE222760539CN always reports errors on the site of EMS? Youlan zhou (reply from vendor) EMS recent website updates the information platform on some websites information is not submitted , please wait , we will contact you as soon as possible to give a satisfactory answer EMS , thank you for your letter. My question is: is this correct? ? it? this is not a fake? because EMS Reports will continue tracking number does not exist. thanks for replay.
Did the Atlantic Slave trade exist?1Imar2012-08-11 09:36:02
1 . Where are these ships at ? They could of gone, had to be at least one. 2 . How do you build ? The construction of such vessels would be too complex at the time, was probably possible , but difficult. 3 . The trip lasted about 9 months , how can toxic waste slaves kill each other ? Teachers say that 3/4 died , but it took 9 months , how can one live 9 months surrounded by human waste ? You can not, is poison. 4 . No dramatic population decline in Africa today. 5 . He said these myths only to manipulate the Native Americans and blacks to make them feel bad and worthless? My theory - African and Native Americans coexisted in America. I have no clue about what Leif Ericson inflict on them the first time I went to America? Personally I think that is where the slaves came from the last ice age , where Native Americans and Africans migrated together. I think the Europeans defeated both keep them as slaves. Do you think this might be possible or am I totally wrong ? Yes , I 'm white and I do not think of myself as liberal , but curious .
What trap to exist in decorating the market?1Shadowkillazt 2012-02-15 03:36:14
What trap that exists in the decoration of the market?
What would the effect be on us if trading didn't exist?0shubh2012-07-19 23:06:02
I'm Doing a history paper and i really need help! I'm on the last paragraph and my paper is about trade in the 500's. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me on this. What would've happened if trade didn't exist back then?
Do aliens exist? And which Theory could be correct?0R_t2012-10-07 23:04:01
UFOs (unidentified flying objects) are seen in the skies around the world and millions of people have witnessed this phenomenon. The lights that appear fixed in the sky, and then out of nowhere move with incredible speed lights zipping or moving back and forth and shaped formations. What could be that these objects? Shooting stars? The usual response the government gives us is that these lights are satellites that orbit the Earth or just flat planes. Many people believe that these UFOs are flying saucers from other worlds and alien races transportation to and from the different worlds and galaxies. After all there are more planets in our galaxy, then there are grains of sand on beaches worldwide. Even the Pope acknowledged that there was a strong possibility of other life forms in space. It is assumed that since the Roswell crash of 1950, aliens have been visiting Earth and are in constant communication with our governments. Offering a new free energy technology to help clean up our planet. But the government used to share these wonders with the public because economies will crash if stop oil and gas are traded, and a lot of powerful people to lose a lot of cash. Just a theory? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another theory to the UFO phenomenon, which is a little more down to earth, is the Nazi theory. During World War 2, Nazi scientists were working on vessels flying free energy / dishes. The U.S. learned of this and when the war ended, Nazi scientists carried home. In the United States were given resources and funds to further investigate this wonder of the free energy. Flying saucers and triangles that can be seen flying are the result of years of scientific research. The U.S. refuses to share this technology with the public because I do not want to fall into enemy hands and also do not want a hole in your pocket. The Roswell crash was actually one of the test meals there in action, thought the game was over, when it emerged that a UFO crashed in the desert, but the public but 2 and 2 and foreigners received form a different plant. Needless to say, the U.S. government I was more than happy to feed this lie and what fanned the flames, giving silly excuses and act guilty as hell when it came to UFOs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So we have reached the end of theory. Humans who comes from the future in time machines. Sounds a bit exaggerated, but it is quite possible that these men are actually gray us in another thousand years or so. We have learned to survive without human wants like food and sex. That is not to have sex because we are neither male nor female, and we can not play. Reproduction only going to be doing in a test tube. We have extended the length of our life and death is curable. Since we do not have human needs of our body has dried to a faint shadow of what it once was, but our brains and intelligence have developed beyond belief. I guess that might be asking, why bother to visit different moments of our past? Well, I have two reasons for you, whether you are collecting the story about ourselves or simply experiencing firsthand the history or we have become looking for that key ingredient that makes us human. Each test tube baby, born acquires more intelligence, but loses a percentage of what makes us human. Feelings, free thinking ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just want to know which of the above theories are correct possibly extracted some of the previous comments are my ufo / paranormal forum called: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://ufocomet.com MedlinePlus Thanks for all the answers

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