College Senior and I want to have investments. What are some first steps to take to actually invest.? related questions

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College Senior and I want to have investments. What are some first steps to take to actually invest.?2Sweet1_2luv 2012-10-08 10:59:03
Today is one year in school and want to have some decent income investments and stock trading after I 'm looking for a paralegal for a year or two before attending law school . Please help me out if possible in steps of becoming a good investor. Facebook really interested in how I can invest
I am in college and have $2,500 to invest in my Roth IRA. How do you suggest I invest this money?0stork2012-09-18 14:45:04
I want to diversify as much as possible , but I realize with $ 2,500 may not be possible without a fully diversified investment fund of some kind. I have an account with E * Trade for my Roth IRA . I'm willing to take some risk , but I do not want to waste my money . Do you have any suggestions , or any other specific fund that would be good for me ? thanks
Planning for long term investments (10+ yrs) can invest monthly $100 to $300. Need suggestions to pick stocks?2tango2012-09-09 19:08:02
Need details on how to analyse and select the stock. Which stock broker is good (prefer online trading option). Please provide information on this. Any good books you recommend on stock pick/stock analysing techniques will help.
What are the steps toward learning how to invest?like e.g Forex,option trading,share market...?2Veytia2012-08-23 06:31:21
How much we have to be really the investment? I am very interested ... only I have no idea how it works ... thanks
Does anyone today think College is a waste of time and money since not many are hiring College Graduates >>?0HelpMe Please!!!!2012-10-26 10:19:24
I just heard on the radio today .. College graduates how he feels cheated and lied because .. the misconception that it is now .. to think about the past .. to go out and get a career in your chosen field. The radio speaker said .. if your parents were paying for college well .. but if there is a person in today's economy to pay for it .. and you can not get a job in their chosen field. Your stuck with student loan debt can not be discharged. Many college students today said ... have to take jobs as waiters .. or working in retail .. because there are no jobs to be had. Many companies are not hiring and can not afford to pay what they want graduates. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is college in the world today ... No Yesterdays .. Shame more of a money maker for institutions? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus College graduates costs companies more money to train people to do the same or similar work and not have to invest money to help graduates to repay debt College. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I personally .. from my point of view .. after listening to this interview on the radio today .. I think business schools .. and an associate is the way to go .. and if you can get the company to pay for their future education .. will be of no cost to you .. but an investment in the company. It will invest in you and you will not have to worry about getting a job or to repay loans crazy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The world is changing rapidly. University education was valued higher than once today .. due to lack of jobs for all and competition fierce. People are more in debt and can not pay the rent once you start to pay the loan debt. Above all .. when there are no jobs to be had. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Online education and schools are ..... So much less. The world is changing and I think we have to think a whole lot differently too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is your personal opinion?
Study problems.. 2 years of non-credits college to university or career college?0KIERA2012-09-05 05:36:03
I do not consider myself as intelligent students. I am a foreign student. I joined this school and studied for three months. The agreement of this university is, I need to study for two years before I can get the transfer to this university. The problem here is that I've been studying for three months and my grades are not as good. Only just survive, here comes my question. It really scares me that I can not get to college, because right now is only 3 months and barely survive, I do not know what will happen .. i did my best .. I always pay attention in class .. study with friends .. but my grades are just fine. I feel sad if I study in this school for another 1 ½ years and at the end I could not get into the university. I'll be really, really sad and upset because I lost a lot of money from my mother and I have not got to college. if i dun do and can not reach the college GPA they want, i dun get nothing at all .. all I've been doing at the moment is that they are not loans. I can not do anything at all, even if I leave this university or not. just greet me goodbye. I'm thinking the best for me to join the college which includes studies of race because I can work while I can study and master in a field such as international trade or kitchen items. I really want that to happen dun days I can not go to college because I really depress and I feel like I'm going to kill you for that. Should I stay in college for my way through college? or should I change my college to another career? plz tell me, help me, guide me .. my mom said she agreed to let me change one university to another race because he knows I'm not a very intelligent student and talented. reverse, i dun really want to waste precious time and money of my mother's money. I really care about her. everything I do, my mom is going to come first. i dun really want to spend that day with me.if i study in the university of the race, I can work, save time and start making money because I really dun want to waste a lot of money from mom .. plz help .. sorry for my bad english
Please advise a mid-20s college dropout? Trade school or college? SW Chicago?0crocodile2012-09-21 21:48:02
I'm 24 (soon 25) year old man from suburban Chicago who left the university in my first year. At that time I was very motivated, but I've never had many problems in school for which he received a scholarship to study at a university in the city pretty decent. Complete the FAFSA and received a loan has since been repaid. My parents handle much all this since I was a bum. I ended up leaving due to depression and the fear of ending up with a huge debt and still no clear path. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since then I have worked part-time jobs on and off. During this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died. Due to this and the resulting depression I have a pretty poor work record for the past few years, so I have to fill my resume with exaggerations and lies just to find anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm living with my other parent at this time, I had a couple of little jobs, but nothing now that the holidays are over. I am definitely not a child trust fund. Not long ago, and I try to get ahead. I can pay for my own food, clothes, gas, insurance, and most things when possible. I no longer struggle with apathy and depression like I used to, but my situation is much more serious objectively. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This makes me draws the conclusion that the only way I can get on with my life and look for a decent future is to get student loans once again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a lot of passions, but want to get into something lucrative, as soon as possible. I love music occurs during leisure time, and it would be great if that was gone, but I'm not holding my breath. I've always been a very talented sculptor. This results in both physical means and the 3D computer modeling, although I have little training in either. Will the route be computer smart and lucrative career, or would it be better to follow a more commercial oriented facet about it? I heard that the glass blowers can make good money and I think it could be really good at this and I am very satisfied. I also believe that with enough practice you could become a good artist morgue reconstructive and makeup. I know this can throw a decent wage. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've also always wanted to fly (especially helicopters.) Although math is not my forte, I know I'm capable. I considered the military in the past, but I doubt that qualify for that at this point. I know there are loan programs for flight school. Would this be a wise way now, or is it more suitable as a chase after achieving self-sufficient and comfortable living thing? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TL, DR MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Blown glass, computer models, artist mortuary, flight school, which is the best idea and how I can start making things happen as soon as possible, while MedlinePlus broke and unemployed? MedlinePlus I need information on loans and grants programs also. I apologize for this being so lengthy. Thank you.
Request new senior pointing3Goddar2015-07-20 00:13:27
Request a new direction told me to practice in the trade that Department ah know a lot of things , I would ask the company to give me a pay site ah ? We will communicate with foreign customers , ah. Thank you !
Want to invest in rei agro ltd. for long time of 1 year or short term of 1-2 week & best stock to trade/invest?0Hannie2012-11-02 16:55:54
What is the job description for an advertising senior executive?0GRAVITY2012-07-23 19:19:02
AMT clothing line Yum Senior Consultant1number2011-12-28 05:56:46
Yum apparel line AMT Senior Consultant

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