Evaluate my fantasy baseball team: I have some holes in my closing options, any advice on who to trade for? related questions

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Evaluate my fantasy baseball team: I have some holes in my closing options, any advice on who to trade for?0Nei2012-08-12 03:41:02
8 team in the league , the project was the design of the auction. Scoring categories : Batting : run , double , triple , time , RBI , SB, pitching media: h , k, sv, was whip C: P Tim Lincecum Miguel Montero 1B: Albert Pujols P CC Sabathia 2B : Robinson Cano P Aroldis Chapman 3B Jose Bautista P Roy Oswalt SS Ian Desmond David P Price 2B/SS Danny Espinosa P Feliz Nefatli 1B/3B Aubrey Huff Rafeal Soriano P OF Nelson Cruz Kevin Gregg P OF Justin Upton P CJ Wilson OF BJ Upton P Matt Garza OF Brett Gardner Phil Hughes P Omar Infante P Tim Stauffer Useful Jorge Posada Util : Matt Wieters Freddie Freeman bank Tsuyoshi Nishioka dl
In a h2h fantasy baseball team need some advice on a trade?0nirav2012-07-26 14:13:01
The league I am in is a 16 player league my team has joey votto , Dan uggla, carlos lee , Jason kubel, Mark trumbo, chipper Jones, cody Ross , rafeal furcal , wilin rosario, these are my bats and my pitchers are zack grenkie , Yu darvish , Ryan zimmermann , Jeff samardzija, Andy pettitte , Ivan nova, brandon mcCarthy , shaun marcum and Ted Lilly on the DL have all starters and no relief pitchers and have been in a four game winning streak but I was thinking of offering chip and don't know what pitcher 4 trout is that a good trade should I trade chipper Jones cus of injury risk or offer somebody else
In a h2h fantasy baseball team need some advice on a trade?0solve this please.2012-08-02 15:56:02
Greinke Darish I have on my computer and gave me Nelson Cruz, Brandon Phillips and Park Jarrod and want Votto and Zack grienke me this is a good deal I take it
So I just completed a big fantasy baseball deal, but I think my team needs more help. Any advice?1Howie2012-11-05 23:38:02
This is my team now, in a 12 team 5x5 roto money league with no bench. I'm currently sitting in 5th, and have been standing still for a few weeks now after an initial comeback. I felt like I had a decent team, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks a lot. I just completed a deal, which had me receiving Robinson Cano, Adam Wainwright, and Daniel Hudson, and giving up Mark Teixeira, Brandon Morrow, and Chris Young. Is there any major weaknesses on my team I should address? Any strengths I should deal from? Thoughts on the trade? C Brian McCann 1b Albert Pujols 2b Robinson Cano ss Jose Reyes 3b Brett Lawrie if Howie Kendrick of Adam Jones of Bryce Harper of Carlos Quentin ut Alex Rios sp Cliff Lee sp CC Sabathia sp Adam Wainwright sp Mat Latos sp Daniel Hudson rp Rafael Soriano rp Alfredo Aceves
Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team-Who should I trade? What weaknesses do you see? This is a 10 team league-points?0 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-08-22 13:03:02
C Mike Napoli , Tex C , 1B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus @ Oak MedlinePlus 22:05 ( Parker ) 37/152 25 9 71 26 0 .243 1.29
Trade advice fantasy baseball ?1Fabia2012-08-22 12:33:03
Trumbo for Markakis, Wily Peralta and Jean Segura. Dynasty league fantasy baseball. Which side wins?
Fantasy baseball trade advice?0VINI2012-07-30 01:06:02
Micheal Trade Chris Morse for sale ? I have Granderson, Trumbo , Bourn, aza , Quentin , and now as Kubel gardens 3 with a useful start . Votto is at first from what Morse is not an option . My starting pitching is just Cain , Hanson , Daniel Hudson, then bard , Norris , New He is a goalkeeper I'm broken 12 in the first, for now, but almost the last time and whip Help lol
Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice?1theanmozhyi2012-08-12 09:38:02
I have Paul Konerko Adam LaRoche David Freese Jacoby Ellsbury (DL ) Clayton Kershaw lose Miguel Cabrera Jered Weaver good or bad for me ?
Fantasy baseball trade advice?0Raz2012-10-23 12:55:16
Should I give up Tim Lincecum and Eric Hosmer to try MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yu Darvish ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have another 3 1st base . So he sat down to Hosmer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? ?
Fantasy baseball advice trade ?4stanly2012-08-27 15:27:02
He wants Carlos Gonzalez Eric hosmer Tim lincecum Offering Yu darvish Mike Stanton or Justin upton Mat Latos He also has sp hamels CC Grienke Jordan Zimmerman. Said he doesn't want to deal hamels or cc tho. ??
Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice??1dede2012-09-23 17:20:21
Team A receives : MedlinePlus Robinson Cano MedlinePlus Ryan Dempster MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Team B receives MedlinePlus Ian Kinsler MedlinePlus Johnny Cueto MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hitting Stats are : MedlinePlus R HR RBI SB AVG OPS E MedlinePlus Pitching Stats are : MedlinePlus W SV K ERA WHIP BAA BS MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note Ian Kinsler had like 18 errors last season ( only 5 so far this year, but still, Cano has only 3 . ) Also , remember that this is about the future , not what has happened so far. Sure, Cueto has a 2.17 ERA , but do you think at least be better than Dempster in the future. Kinsler is falling right now , batting .260
I need some fantasy baseball trade advice?0justjen932012-07-11 20:25:03
I just want to hear opinions on a trade. I currently have way too many pitchers on my roster, but I'd like to get something out of them instead of dropping any to make room on my roster. A team in my H2H 10 team league has the fewest wins in the league and his outfield is pretty bad. I was going to offer him Josh Reddick, Lance Lynn, and James McDonald for Alex Rodriguez. Sound like a good move? I would get rid of some excess pitching and I don't really need Reddick (I have Stanton, Cargo, Pence, Allen Craig, and soon Chris Young as my other outfielders). If he accepts the trade I was then going to try to trade Michael Cuddyer and Jon Lester for a SP or two.

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