All my stocks are currently trading at 1/4 the price I originally bought at..?

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Asked at 2012-08-12 01:45:03
I want out of them. but that would mean huge losses ..
No one knows when it will come up to near the original price .

And if you decide to stay with them as such, I would be losing the interest that could have won with them if I had made ​​a fixed deposit them in a few years ..
I feel helpless.what to do?
Answer1lachelleAnswered at 2012-08-15 05:32:02
With interest rates so low , we will not do much in a fixed deposit and then you get tax on interest.

The tricky part of answering this question do not know what stocks you own. Some may be worth holding and others to sell. For example, if you own shares of Coca Cola I would definitely say they have. Conversely , if you owned a stock like General Motors to go bankrupt then I would say sell.

In early March 2009, the overall market, because the signs recovered from the banking sector is recovering , especially Bank of America and Citi Group. Above all, it is best to carry out their actions, but in some cases where a company is in financial trouble then sell .

Two things you can do:
1 Enter the ticker symbols of their actions at this web address to make some of your own research and look at the charts: < / a>

2 . Ask Yahoo
Answer2PlzHelpAnswered at 2012-08-23 22:15:01
Sell ​​.
Answer3ceemaAnswered at 2012-08-25 03:01:19
Do not feel helpless , the decision remains entirely yours. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Forget the past and look to the future. If you think stocks to recover more than a bank deposit , then keep your money there. If not , sell them now . If you choose individual stocks , which depend on individual companies , of course . Intel will return someday , Chrysler , well ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There are some signs of possible improvement in the market , and actions relate to the first thing to recover when the economy recovers (jobs is the last thing ) .
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