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How to plan from a marketing point of view the construction site0La Vonna2012-08-11 14:53:39
How to plan from the marketing point of view the construction site, if a Web site from a marketing perspective to the planning of construction, not spending too much money can promote the flow of it. However, a web site if you can not build on a marketing plan, you can spend a lot of money to drop, web site traffic is very difficult to actually hit him. So the king has been promoting a Web site planning through construction of the concept: from the standpoint of marketing planning and construction. How to plan from the point of view of marketing the site? The different types of sites may be slightly different, but most sites will have to consider the following three points: First, the site responsible for planning and designing a website for SEO, the average 70% of new traffic from search engines if your site from a marketing perspective to the planning and design, then the site has been published, you can easily get traffic through search engines very large. Planning and site design, to be held and SEO, to which must be taken into account the factors? 1, links to plan the structure 2, 3 URL path design, page layout 4, the design title 5, target 6 label design 7 design, site map, SEO and other factors in the design of these areas meet the requirements of search engine to promote the website, so, you can get in major search engines relatively good position, so as not to spend money to help search engines to achieve a endless stream of high quality traffic. Second, the planning and site design to suit the preferences of the users of a Web site, the human design is very, very important, but how the human? Many people may be at a loss, but also human nature to form a series of details, here is simple for everyone to name a few. 1, the site will give users the pleasure of opening web pages faster, the user only feels fresh, how to improve web site speed? nn better able bandwidth of the server are not too many pages of content optimization and compression of nn code to use static pages for weight loss ... ... 2, the site had many users: Many users use the site for the service or function of the stage, you can integrate it easier for users to use the language of praise. Users are happy, you really want your site. 3, the site navigation to guide user navigation for the user is like the plan, it is best to make your navigation guide to the depth of their customer traffic, according to his plan to go slowly the flow of ideas and finally made him to be their customers. Third, the site is necessary to increase the number of network marketing tools network marketing tools, select the site according to the different nature of the options, as the website business class will have to have the following tools : l, set in line with the customer service line system of customer service, then it will greatly improve your conversion rate website. 2, the potential customers in the tracking system for most of the follow-through after a multiple end customers. 3, the network marketing network marketing analysis systems analysis systems, Web sites can present a variety of marketing data at a glance. 4, the other network marketing tools
From a marketing point of view of "The Warlords" in the fate of professional marketing manager1gorky 2011-12-22 04:44:21
Movie "The Warlords" the president of the Imperial Qing Empress Dowager Group is the man of three years of age is the executive director, after Ho and Pang Qingyun Quebec region are professional administrators, two tigers and sun are later assistant manager, the manager of the right hand. Film focuses on the fate of the director of marketing professionals Pang Qingyun. The first step is the initial stage, Pang Jingli first job in a small business, the business is not standardized, and the two smaller companies to find the tiger and the minority shareholders in the afternoon sun to convince them to go to large corporations as a guarantee wages, decent work as well. After an affidavit Li brothers the leaders, candidates were to large corporations. The second step is to open markets in the group's behavior, the first market to open previously, and later to market opening and market in Nanjing, Suzhou, carried out a brutal competition. Pangjing Li did a good job stability, the team all the way to promotion. Step three is Pangjing Lok Ma Li. The seizure of a stable market, the bird was gone, the possession of a good bow. Deputy Director of several tigers and other Li Pangjing first removed, then remove the Pangjing Li. Many professional marketing managers do not know if you had a similar experience? Specific real life, probably due to the costs of reimbursement, or because the liquidity problems of the Commission, the result is the same. The professional marketing manager, if not tens of dry, take nothing less than the market is not acceptable. At the same time, won the market, the situation must be evaluated according to the specific analysis to determine their own ways: first, if the occupation is chairman of the board or shareholders, marketing manager of the trust, you can abide by it, because trust in, so no big deal. Second, if the professional management recruitment abroad, and the upper level there is no direct relationship of trust or is recommended to win the market grab your fee, the initiative to make way for the Board to maintain confidence people. Third, if the gravity of professional marketing managers to distinguish between good and evil, and can handle properly between themselves and their skills and increased demand, the parties may embark on a more stable career. The independence of the configuration, regardless of level of confidence to ask for the right to occupy positions of trust to be fixed, there will be problems. In short Manager, Marketing professional to develop new markets, the capacity of work is the base, and trust is the core, is the key. Can not be trusted, which is the core of the problem. Therefore, responsible for professional marketing planning process, be sure to highlight and analyze and distinguish his own position, and the relationship between the board and then decide its own course of action. This post has been edited on 01/14/2008 9:32:52 superadmin
From the perspective of sales and marketing point of view is in line with the major car to the countryside, its characteristics?0Faneka2012-07-15 05:18:04
From the perspective of sales and marketing point of view is in line with the major car to the countryside, its characteristics?
Excavation construction plan1Scotty2012-10-21 02:03:02
Building excavation
What kind of site meets the requirements of search engine marketing, give us a reference site!1Dian:そ 2012-05-01 22:25:13
What kind of site conforms to the requirements of search engine marketing, give us a reference site ! See a lot of friends in the discussion of how to make room to meet export requirements and the requirements of search engines . I especially recommend a site, let's look at what professional export site in English : This is an export company specialized in market services overseas network marketing : Internet entrepreneurs ( ) Site professional search engine marketing . both the function of web design design and site optimization to be done is currently the best .
Marketing plan writing skills1Selena2012-04-13 11:21:29
1, in the preface of the book to write the best plan to use general methods, such as strong current and the system in Figure 2, the intelligent use of a variety of figure 3 , the system of content to an orderly plan Nexus 4, focused , not exhaustive 5, the plan must be the result of the expected effects and 6 , the appeal of the design plan , showing the distinctive personality changed OEM Times
Want to buy a phone, please refer to the point of view1Alma2012-01-08 21:59:14
Requires better quality , preferably directly , without an antenna , not the camera. Price of less than 1,000 yuan.
How to choose? Construction site or open shop?1lisa again2012-08-04 22:34:49
How to choose? The construction site or shop open ?
Free places for a day, site construction and maintenance services1Cecilla2012-02-10 02:49:47
Free places for the construction of a day site maintenance services to my company website for more information: , remember to give me a shout ah. In addition to search marketing expert , the company provides comprehensive information service , providing office space, without setting a time, your ability to pay for his decision: + generous salary to encourage personal development functions of the management of a salary very competitive + commission + tenure of the jurisdiction of the remuneration of members of management = integration of resources to make their own careers, but also depression What? Give me an email ( [email protected] ), or visit our website , let's talk . to seek win- win, Qi brilliant. a href = "http://www . " img src = " " width = "100 " height = "50" border = "0 "/ a
Beijing's foreign trade has no site construction company?1Just smile. Hello. God, continued 2012-04-10 07:51:42
Beijing 's foreign trade has no firm building the site ? We are state-owned enterprises are now looking for the strength of the foreign trade construction company Web site can send text messages to stay site and contact information on the best cases , you can take a look at the
Foreign friends, is not the site for construction and optimization of their worry about it1Do not. Xu -2012-06-14 03:50:52
Foreign friends, not for building and optimizing your site to worry about what the foreign friends, not in the building for their own site to worry about it , when people search for products is that your site is always classified in the back and missed a lot of opportunity for people to trade? All these problems can be solved Store Po ly small, then you can transfer directly to add my QQ or contact me on my mobile , let alone that makes it easy to the benefits of foreign trade. Here is my contact information.
How can i understand Trade Finance from banks view point?0musu2012-09-29 02:38:02
I am manager of software projects and to allocate to understand Finanace Trade and Treasury Management

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