NHL Bobby Ryan or David Krejci for Keith Yandle?

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Asked at 2012-08-11 12:14:39
Okay, so I think this would be a great trade for both teams, but especially the coyotes, they need a scorer to support Radim VRBATA. in all likelihood, ducks usual trade within the division, or even the conference for that matter, so that trade could be completed in a round of a fight? for example, Boston has expressed interest in Yandle of coyotes and Ryan in ducks. and rumors have spread that Krejci is likely to be moved to get any of the players. Bruins trade for Ryan could Krejci, and then trade Yandle Ryan? I think the Bruins could use a good 2-way D-man and the fact that Yandle was born / raised in Boston, that could really fit into the team and fans. so finally the coyotes get Ryan, the Ducks get Krejci, and the Bruins get Yandle. I see no losers in this trade. Right?

or think you might be better for the ducks to hold on to Ryan and trade up to Yandle Krejci Bruins? this might work even better for both teams, because Boston is Yandle and certainly would fit well there. Krejci is Czech and is now the Czech Republic, only in the Bruins, while coyotes now have 4 players Czechs (VRBATA, Hanzal, Michalek, klesla) and Krejci could form a great chemistry with the players (especially VRBATA and Hanzal because they are forward).

indeed, I am a staunch fan of coyotes, and it hurts me to see Yandle possibly leaving the team after having grown up in an alternate captain and being a 2x All-Star defense at the age of 25 years. However, the Coyotes have a solid core of talented young men D-and could use additional offense, and Yandle reported in the trade bloc. I love to see Yandle stay in Phoenix for the rest of his career, but now he is the most logical player to move to get a better offense. I think the two options presented above, trade Yandle / Krejci is more likely, and probably better for coyotes that need a talented young center, and they seem to have very good luck when it comes to Czech players.

What do you think about any of these players and crafts?
Answer1SallAnswered at 2012-10-04 12:30:30
I think David Krejci for the handle is a bargain for Phoenix , Krejci is worth much more , however Krejci for Ryan makes sense
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