Would I be able to care for my future wife and kids if i graduate from a trade school? related questions

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Would I be able to care for my future wife and kids if i graduate from a trade school?0nan2012-08-11 11:27:03
I was failing the lowest class of mathematics at a community college , who was failing math grade 6 and 7, so I was thinking of going to a trade school or college like ITT Tech, as they offer the greatest the same for me , Information Technology or Information Technology known as iT . Would it be able to look after my future wife and my children if I graduate from a trade school ? My wife will come from Vietnam , I'm Vietnamese.
Would I be able to have enough money to care for a wife and future kids if i get a degree at a trade school ?0Damilare2012-09-20 03:45:02
Someone here suggested I try going to a trade school , as it was failing the lowest class of math at a community college . I was learning math grade 6 and 7 and I did not understand , I thought it was a dead end. Would it be able to take care of a wife and family in the future with the kids if I get a degree in Computer Technology at ITT Tech School of Commerce ? ? ? Please help me , I want a bright future for my wife and my children in the future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://itt-tech.edu/teach/list/it-cns.cfm
Is a "Human Studies" college graduate with zero skills worth more than a highly skilled trade school grad?2chimpanzee2012-07-21 20:05:02
BQ: Should everybody go to college, as we are lectured by leftists?
How and what do I need to migrate to Canada with my family(my wife and 2 sons ).I am a graduate with a MBA?0Susie2012-08-31 02:38:03
I have over 7 years experience in logistics and supply cover , Stock / Commodity collateral management and currently trade finance in the banking sector in my country Nigeria. MedlinePlus I want to move to get the best for my children and my wife , but you have to be sure I can get a good job before leaving today .
I heard there were Child Day-Care Centers in the World Trade Centers. Am I right, were the kids killed?0Shefali2012-10-19 20:20:59
I heard they were children in day care centers in world trade. Am I right , boys were killed ?
Why after the world trade centers are we americans protest this war.Do they not care about our future?1lachelle2012-11-03 07:06:02
I'm not sure why Americans protest this war.Do not read the paperand see the great things we are doing in there.What think we should be there or not ?
WHY THE HE*LL dont MEN stay home to take care of the kids, rather our careers SUFFER while they can become CEO1lupupa2012-10-23 01:39:02
It is outrageous ... all women at the top had to trade something to get there ... if you have maternity , promotions ignore. I want career success and I want children , but that's not the point . Why men do not have to deal with these huge debates ? ? ? ? ? I refuse to have my child suffer with nannies shit , but at the same time , why suffer like my future dreams ? Why not him? ? ? ? Why arent we seeing more women as CEO Carly Fiorina ? I never had children, no crap she could not while she was traveling 60% of the time . When will this change ? ! ? ! ? ! What are my options ? ! ? ! ? ! I am so angry that I have not found a good solution . : ( : (
I am a university student about to graduate, I am in Normal, but I do not want a teacher, to an uncertain future, who gave me suggestions Well. Thank you! ! !1Bin2012-03-28 17:57:49
I am a college student about to graduate , I'm in Normal, but do not want a teacher, an uncertain future , he gave me good suggestions . Thank you ! ! !
Why are Dems pushing the Cap & Trade bill & Health Care bill so arduously w/o thought of future repercussion?1Izeck2012-10-03 14:32:02
W / O = without I fear that the impact will be an inflation tax that will be very similar to the AMT rate if no inflation adjustment is made. What is a very clever way of saying that your tax will not increase , but the responsibility for the future will be next . So for those who proudly support Pelosi and the gang , I have fear that their future children and grandchildren will be paying the money to pay for this bill , because like it or not , its future taxation will be higher because the clause in the draft law does not allow any inflation adjustment to it. The bill would cap and trade is a delusional fantasy that will only increase the energy bills of people, which incidentally is already high. Jobs in manufacturing will be sent to China and India and 3rd world countries because they do not care for the U.S. bill , our unemployment rates soar. This just means more government handouts , and more power given to them . How can a government that can not run " cash for clunkers " can not get H1N1 vaccine after they promised, promised to be unemployment below 8 % and saved up all their work numbers to be able to run Health Care ?
Buy Funko Action Figures | Kids School Supplies | Party Toyz0partytoyz202022-01-11 03:06:33
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Is the notion of kids giving apples to their teacher on the first day of school related to a biblical story?1Sandale2012-09-01 21:10:03
The whole apple thing on the first day of school always puzzled me until I was stopped at a grocery store several days ago by a poster of a kid in front of a blackboard holding books and an apple on top of them all. The apple made me think of the story in Genesis where Adam and Eve are eating an apple from (what I believe is) the tree of knowledge in the garden in order to posses knowledge. Are we sending kids to school with apples so they can trade it for knowledge or is my connection a just mere coincidence?
What is the difference between a technical school, a vocational school, and a trade school?0Seoul2012-07-24 23:50:02

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