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Stock market pre-hours?0Antonette2012-08-10 23:45:39
So if I were to put a limit order to a town in the morning, so early was to place before the market opens and not really be considered extended hours trading ?
What does "after hours trading" mean on the stock market?2Firefly2012-08-12 14:52:02
I realized that after the markets closed there after market trading . Are these people in other time zones still have access to it until 4pm your time?
What are the market hours for stock options trading?0per4mer2012-07-30 15:32:56
The regular hours are 9:30 securities until 4 , but there are hours before and after is nothing like that for options trading ?
On the stock market was is the significance of "after hours trading"?0AUTUMNN AND ASHLEYY NEED HELP!2012-10-11 15:09:42
Many times after the market closes on seeing an increase or decrease in the price of a particular stock that is not reflected in the official price on the board. What does this mean? tks
Why does the stock market drop when after hours trading begins?0lovebug_7072012-11-02 11:15:28
I am fairly new to stock trading but I was watching my holdings and I noticed that when after hours begins the stocks take a dive. Why does this happen?
If the stock market opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 4:00 PM (ET), how do people trade "after hours?"?0lilshay2012-09-10 11:11:03
Who is authorized to negotiate " after hours " because I do not think regular investors like me are allowed?
If i purchase a stock after-hours, will i get the next day opening market price or the current closing price?0Judie2012-10-12 04:45:58
Let's say I try to buy stock in x xxxx at 7:30 PM . Clearly , this is after hours trading . However, when the order passed by the next day , I buy it at the closing price or the current day's opening price the next day ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , if I , for example, transactions or stop loss limit of a sales transaction , they charge me even if the operation is not completed ? Will I have to pay to the order and the actual sale or purchase ?
Does "extending trading" on the stock market mean the same as "after-hours trading"? thank you. ;)?0vance2012-08-14 17:40:03
Do you have "trade extends" in the stock market means the same as "after trading hours "? Thank you. ;) ?
Daytrading in Pre/After Market Hours?0Willard2012-08-31 23:51:03
I have a brokerage account with a balance of $ 25,000 and therefore can only run 3 DAY -trades within 5 business days or it will be considered a pattern daytrader and receive a margin call by Dow / NASDAQ rules. My question is , does this apply to transactions in pre / after market hours ? Essentially , if I can buy shares in the hours before marketing and selling them after the market opening is considered this a daytrade ?
What are the trading hours for the futures market?0ohwoo2012-07-29 10:07:02
I am referring to futures contracts on the S & P 500 or ESH2 . I know the days and hours that I can place trades . Thank you !
I have noticed the NMX changes in price during different market hours, can someone explain this?0Rey SU2012-09-20 06:23:03
What are the hours of the Mercantile Exchange ? I can exchange my shares ? , While the stock market is closed if I have a money market account before / after ?
What does it mean when the market opens and closes, and then there is also "After Hours Trading"?2Shalese2012-07-18 06:50:03
Can someone please explain to me the difference between after hour trading and buying and selling stock during the market hours? Thanks for the help!

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