What language c + + and c What is the difference?

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I'm about to learn , but somehow must learn what is good , please give points
Answer1yeahAnswered at 2012-08-16 15:45:02
I really hope that at some point in adding this was a joke. because you can get allot of trouble for posting this .
Answer2DemieAnswered at 2012-08-19 07:20:03
C language is structured and modular process-oriented language, C + + is object oriented programming language. Language C + + is a superset of the C language, which is to learn C + +, you actually have to learn the language C. As to what the difference is, I must say that the difference between thinking that programming, C is based on the process, emphasis program functionality function (function) as the center. C + + is object-oriented, emphasizing the process of stratification, sorting, summary, based on the definition of the object and show that the design of the program. Long story specific. I suggest you learn C + + when learning to think and OOP. Now time for the development of large projects, are the object-oriented analysis and design techniques. C and C + +, the difference between what is today Zai Netease saw someone asked C and C + + are the differences between what we say here briefly something. Other things do not have to say, as classes, inheritance, references, etc., we all know. here is talking about the difference between invoke the compiler. everyone can see the header files Win32 SDK, you can always watch ifdef __ cplusplus extern "C" endif endif ifdef __ cplusplus this is the actual programming directly to reflect the differences between places. under the WIN series. All Win32 SDK provides LIB based on C-shaped. Of course, C and C + + also supports C, stdcall, fastcall call. Why the system provides the C compiler to compile the LIB and not C + + compiler LIB him? In fact, this is C and C + + compiler, a different place. All function names unique collection Compiler where more clearly. as a compilation of the functions of the compiler without any modification. C compiler compiles the function name if the device assembler seems a C function call will underscore ('_'). former home and will function as STDCALL _func number @. If func (void) by the compiler became _func @ 0. fastcall function call is compiled into FUNC @ @ 0. by the way. WIN32 compiler no longer need to call Pascall. VC6 support has canceled Pascall. compiled by looking at C is not enough to look at C + + compiler is how. In the event of default. a C + + through the C + + compiler, after compiling a function name, including function name, belongs to the class, the parameter types, calling convention, return type. and more terrible is that the information that many, only the function name and the name of the class is also slightly visible in compiled. the other is a long list of letters ABCD simply does not recognize its importance. We can view the manual in CV an example: void __ stdcall b :: c (float) -----------? c @ b @ @ @ Z QAGXM was not even a function to be compiled not know the name. In that way. If the SDK is provided in C + + compiler provides LIB. We can not say that any program will compile a complete WIN. say no more varied programming language at all. Now, VC compiler provides an extern declaration. When extern "C" statement in brackets means that the function will be C compiler. to point to offer a program for easy database. Language C and C + + there are many differences: 1, a new thinking process procedures, C language is process-oriented, and C + + is object oriented. 2, C language standard library, are loose, but the function of the same function in a header file, and C + + for most functions are integrated, very close, especially the C language, not C + + The Window System API is the most organic combination of the API, is a collective. But you can also separate the API call. 3, in particular, C + +, graphics, graphic language, is very different. Language C is basically a graphics processing function can not be used in C + + standard C language does not include graphics. 4, C and C + +, has the concept of structure, but only in the host variables C structure member, but not members of the method, while in C + + in the structure, which may have its own member variables and member functions. However, the structure in the C language, members of the public, what would you like to access it can access in VC + +, it does not add qualifiers to the private sector. 4, C language programs can be written in many ways, but the C + + to write more and better, C + + to write programs based on DOSr, write DLL, type control, the writing system. 5, C language procedures for the organization is loose, almost all procedures, c + + file organization is based on the project, clear classification of documents. 6, C + + in the IDE is smart, and as VB, and some features may still stronger than VB. 7, C + + can automatically generate the structure of the program you want, so you can save much time. There are many tools available to add MFC classes, as the time when the addition of more variables. 8, C + + in a lot of additional tools can be systematically analyzed is the API, you can see the controls. 9, debugging powerful methods and diverse.
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