What percentage of overal trading volume are personal finance traders? related questions

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What percentage of overal trading volume are personal finance traders?0Lani2012-08-10 15:23:02
For example , how are stock prices affected by the institutions (eg , funds) and small amount of personal traders . If they recommend an action on a financial magazine (eg , Kiplinger ), will affect the price significantly - individual traders want to buy ? How large volumes are " day traders " - 10 %, 20 % or 0.2 %?
What percentage of day traders make enough money from day trading to make a living?2Mack2012-09-09 04:11:02
Also , why is the percentage so low? thank you very much
Is there an option to plot trading volume alongside price on Google/ Yahoo Finance?0Tizzi2012-11-02 13:04:03
Or any other website? Also, where can I view candlestick charts 9(for stock price), preferably for free? Many thanks.
Personal Finance1Noel2012-03-17 20:15:33
Personal Finance
to teach you personal finance money business0~*~§izzLiN' §e®b~*~ 2012-07-14 15:01:02
business to teach personal finance money
What does the volume indicator mean in the yahoo finance chart?1crazy82012-09-14 20:05:03
The technical indicator in the top blue bar , there is an option to display the volume. Indicates that the volume is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The volume is the number of shares traded at a value for a specified period of time . " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What does this mean exactly? You mean the number of shares sold or purchased during that day ?
Yahoo Finance Options Volume vs. OptionsXpress?0TrickyEconomics2012-08-15 11:16:03
I noticed today that the volume of the options list of two symbols from Yahoo Finance was different from OptionsXpress . Yahoo Finance ticker for CHRW in November 5000 offers are listed CJQWG.X chain. OptionsXpress sample volume 0 . All other details of the string as supply / demand and open interest are the same. Any ideas ? Is it possible that operations are canceled and OptionsXpress options reflects that, but Yahoo does not?
If a stock has a low volume then starts trading at approximately 10 times this volume steadily Whats happening?1Andrew D2012-08-14 10:52:36
Where can I find total buy volume vs total sell volume for a particular stock during the trading day?1Josep2012-09-21 13:34:03
Where I can find the total purchase volume vs total sales for a particular stock during the trading day ?
What is the daily crude futures trading volume and dow futures trading volume?1Econ Gal2012-11-03 16:56:01
I wonder where the volume of trade is more ? nymax raw or Dow futures ?
In the book "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" by Thomas Friedman. What was his overal perspectives?0xhema2012-08-03 07:22:02
What was covered. How does the coverage relate to international trade and finace, and decision theory. Does the author show bias or contradict himself. Who is his target audience? What is practically useful for the intended audience? what appears overly esoteric or theoretical for this audience?
In volume control- - option- - attribute- - in showing following volume is controlled, what need is hit in front tick off1 단수명사 2012-02-06 03:30:09
In volume control - Option - attributes - in the next sample volume is controlled , you need is beaten in front of tick

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