Isnt capitalism an economic dictatorship?

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We are controlled by the decisions of companies around the world. Our work is a commodity and the value of it is based on market value of labor for that particular industry . We are forced to sell our work, to exploitation by those who control the means of production , and to continue to submit to the conflicting interests and sacrificing our ethics in order to survive. We have no control over our own trade , which can be fired if we do what we say. We are required to work a certain number of hours and spend our lives creating profits for owners of the company. The capitalist mode of production has destroyed the family and destroyed the job nicely. We are agents in the defense of what is contrary to our innate desires . We support the system for each of our actions. The only solution is to make a living on our own, but most people lack the means and training to keep us in the modern world , therefore , for the most part that are controlled by companies. Although I consider our needs as it maximizes the benefit, but also the manufacture of new "needs " we buy to offset our alienation that capitalism produces. Businesses influence the media and influence political policies so that they can control much more than economic decisions, but a culture as a whole. The police also act as an organization that defends the rights of property and those who support the status quo. The use of force is therefore presumed to maintain economic dominance . To the extent that influences all our lives, not a dictatorship ?
Answer1BryanAnswered at 2012-08-11 23:52:02
I'm not reading the entire block printing . Paragraphs of man. Gees.

Anyway, here's your answer.
Answer2keanaAnswered at 2012-08-17 21:13:03
Pure capitalism is designed to concentrate all the wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer . The logical end result is that it will destroy itself through the destruction by denying the same resources " property" of the population that is enabled.

When that happens , the cycle must start again from scratch as populations increase gradually once more by the economy of greater cooperation , something antithetical to pure capitalism .
Answer3CORRIEAnswered at 2012-08-25 13:31:19
No. Where do you kids get this shit ? From their academics living in a cocoon campus and preach their propaganda to the "students " who are naive and uninformed ?
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