How do I tell my employees I am dissolving my corporation?

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How do I tell my employees to my company's dissolution ?
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Dissolution of the corporation is a difficult test, regardless of reason, but whether voluntary or involuntary, sudden action or a time to reach, inform and discuss the solution with its employees is essential. It is important to know as soon as possible, and is also important to let them know what their options as well. Preparation Preparation before reporting to their employees is a big step in making the solution is as painless as possible for them. Talk about your obligations to employees with their legal representatives. These obligations may vary by state and include everything from the rules of severance pay, compensation, if there is to deal with retirement accounts and health of employees. Once informed, your employees will have many questions about your options and you should have the answers available in advance. Support Staff Carry support staff to inform employees. You should have someone available who can sit individually with each employee and discuss your financial situation, including the last day of work, compensation, insurance schemes and the like. If you have a human resources department should be able to provide staff support required. Call the union representatives, if any of its employees are unionized. Includes security personnel to inform employees, quietly. Any change of job is an emotional time, especially to lose, and some employees may react badly. You must provide security in case, for the protection of all. Presentation Inform all employees into one. For small businesses this is best done with a meeting of the entire company. The use of management chain set in place for large enterprises, the preparation of a statement of general information, and to inform managers of the details of the employees of the company. Provide your employees with as much information as possible and keep the lines of communication open. Remain available for special situations, there will be plenty of questions, once employees have been informed, and this is where the support staff very helpful, but there are always details that support staff can not attend. After Effects Maintain communications running, even after the company gates are closed. Many states require that certain information be kept available for a given amount of time. Some companies set-up to handle these issues after the dissolution of your company. See state regulations to ensure compliance with all laws relating to the dissolution of their corporation.
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