OY teach you how to identify scam clothing clothing wholesale site

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OY will teach you to identify the clothing wholesale clothing site scam
Answer1pinkpolkadotsAnswered at 2012-08-20 23:50:03
OY will teach you to identify fraudulent websites clothing wholesale clothing on the Internet now more than a liar, how to identify phishing sites? Believing that our reasons: 1 www.oyfs.com website is our only official website of the exterior, be aware! 2, an average of three days, the new updated website, you can try to focus on more days that will make it easy to see is true. I think cheating is hard to do business! 3, all pictures taken to ensure that all in-kind (all non-professional photographers, is limited, more delicate kind.) Believe that deception is difficult to do business (online shops to remind you not blindly believe the beautiful pictures from magazines) ! 4, the site now has about 500 models, hundreds of brands, as long as there are indications that "sold" or "fair", and are available in stock. The business is very hard to believe the lie! 5, the website address, phone number and other contact information is incorrect, please contact us, and has a model, customers are welcome to pick mentioned. Businesses simply can not believe the lie! 6 "shipping notice" the place that the content is always recorded in shipments outside adding customer registration, customer inquiries can be made available to parties shipments are also available for customers hesitate reference . Businesses simply can not believe the lie! 7, if still in doubt, you can use Alipay transactions: sample delivery, any selection 5, COD. How dare you lie business commitment? 8, of course, are not the common identification method: the Web Search commercial image OY in distribution networks that then, if business is cheating, I think the site is filled with victims of the customer complaints. oyfs.com established in 2004, the fourth anniversary soon, and if this is the case, I do not long survive in the network, and can be 'shot of a place' of street vendors it! OY the purpose of commercial distribution networks Dress: Path meet honesty, competitive prices, puerile and dedication to provide customers with the highest quality domestic and international supply around foreign trade, the establishment of long-term win-win. Warmly welcome new and old customers come to watch the video to see the products or goods, the address to see the products of the goods, 28 North Road, Tianhe, Guangzhou Address: http://www.oyfs.com registered members can see the higher price of Advisory QQ: 445697690MSN: oy_9898 @ hotmail. com
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