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Can one trade pokemon from black and white to black and white 2?0kahlik2012-07-30 18:06:56
Can you negotiate in good time in the game? or have to wait until later in the game to the transfer machine ? thanks for your time :)
In pokemon black and white, can you get pokemon from heartgold/silver from the global trade?0Nemin2012-08-28 00:32:02
If you do not have two DS , but it's a monster Gen II , you can use the world trade to HeartGold / SoulSilver Pokémon , or need two DS and two games ?
How to trade pokemon with friend code in pokemon black and white ?1rusty trambone 2012-10-21 00:10:05
Please tell me how to trade with friend or do i need to pay money.
Would anyone be willing to trade me a starter pokemon from pokemon black/white?0cortnie2012-07-26 05:03:02
Snivy or Oshawott
Pokemon Black And White Trade?1Drummond2012-09-14 12:44:02
I need a modest basis litwick and ice IV to hidden , I know it's hard work, but I do not understand IV and I will give to anyone who can give me one legit darkrai event
Pokemon black and white trade?0fabiola moreno2012-07-23 02:41:01
Ok , so I have only my wifi working and now I'm trying to get a team I've always had in recent games. I am looking for a level 16 Kadabra , so it can start as an Alakazam and lvl him. I have not much and I just I wanted to capture Pokémon lol I have a level 70 Volcarona , a Reuniclus level 65 , 66 Ninetails , and 56 Archeops . or a level of 10 Pansear . I know a lot or they're not rare, but if you'd be willing to send their identification and once you can trade id appreciate it
Pokemon white and black trade?1Draco2012-09-30 12:28:02
I am looking for a boy and a girl both under Ralts traded Terrakion and Plusle and Minun or cobalion and my friend code is 2280 2501 4417 and my name is Alex
What is the trade in value for pokemon black and white?0daran2012-09-21 21:14:17
I want to know what the last trade in value for pokemon black and white is for any future shop or best buy ? Can anybody help ? I'm bored with the game TBH . I really do not battle online so yeah .
5th gen White/Black Pokemon trade?0marylou2012-07-11 20:05:02
I am looking for a LEGITIMATE shiny Riolu/Lucario and a shiny Togepi/togepi//togekiss in 5th gen White/Black version. I have White. I would prefer a female with a Mild or Rash nature, or even Lonely, Naughty, Hasty, Naive. I am planning to make it a mixed sweeper. I will only take a female shiny Togepi/togepi//togekiss, preferably with a Bold, Modest/Timid or Calm nature. I have plenty of Shinies to offer in return. If interested, please email me at [email protected] and we can work something out. Then I can give you the full list of Shinies I have, and you may pick whatever you want. we can also exchange friend codes then. Thank you in advance. :)
Who would want trade! (pokemon black / white)?0Alive Again! 2012-08-01 14:39:02
now i got a tornadus and thunderus and a landorus if u want u can have my lv 100s resiram or zekrom sense i got 4 of them i only give out my 2 normal ones also u may have 2 kyreems as well or if now have a zorua i have lots of them so just ask wat i want in return is a celebi or shaymin sky forme if possible or a jirachi if u are really lucky give me entei and suicune so i can give u my shiny kyogre and a shiny resiram or zekrom your choices and also if possible the 3 legendary birds one of them wll do as well i be in the union room if u are able to be there i trade with u just go to the pokemon center and go up to the girl on the left i be in there if u can reach me then tell me through here wat u have and i gladly gift u it
Someone to trade on pokemon black and white?1Gloria2012-10-04 14:23:01
I have two sets and I want to send 6 pokemon from black to white , I need someone who receives , to be sent back to my target, time to change ur bad give any pokemon uu want when operations ! MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus Black Friend Code : 1979 0145 6069 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus White Friend Code : 0218 0386 3465 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Skype : dionys_ds Language : Enlisgh / Spanish MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Who is a little better if you have a skype account , if u add me please on the type of request that u saw my name on yahoo answers account , Thank u so much in advance!
How do you trade pokemon white to black?0Kit2012-09-19 13:47:09
im buying balck see this July to improve will raise my Emboar Tepig and trade ill trade my Tepig and white to remarket Patrat me ( I do not care if your Patrat ) so my blck will plss Snivy and teach me how to say Tepig trade?

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