An american union?

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we've all heard the stories of the American Union. just google the words and you will be inundated with information , but for those in the dark , here's the summary :

Bush pushed a bill relatively unknown in 2004 , which opened the door to the North American Union , ie amalgamisation Canada, U.S. and Mexico in a union without borders.

the U.S. government is nervous about answering any questions, and denies that it is a " free trade zone " than anything else . the single currency have denied that the union will use, to the href = " " a recent article http://www.halturnershow . com / AmeroCoinAr
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Apparently , Senate Republicans are also campaigning for immigration amnesty immigration blanket or rather to enable any person of European descent in the southern hemisphere a free pass to the U.S. , obviously , Australians and New Zealanders are not interested , so it seems clear that this legislation will address clearly white South Africans agree that these senators help maintain a balance in that country European Protestant .
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If I was in America, I would have thought that it was an uncle of Bob
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