Personal development of the problem of traffic laws taxi Agreement

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Personal development problems Agreement taxi traffic laws
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1. Protected by law. But still there is no risk of certain sponsors , as if that person had gone, you have the police , but the back is not very big chance , if the guarantor can directly find a guarantor . 2. If it is because the fire caused by irresistible factors , such as fire, etc. , the lessee shall compensate for losses due to ineffective supervision , but shall not be liable only if it is caused due to personal fault, has to take full responsibility, and compensate the total loss. The transport sector and quality inspection services 3. NATURAL two types, one is due to improper maintenance , as the long journey , one is due to natural factors , such as that caused by high temperatures caused by heat. The former have to compensate all the losses , the latter only pays part of the responsibility
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