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Which countries has business trades with Canada?1De'Asia Jones2012-10-07 02:05:02
Hello , I need to work on a project for my course of international business . This is the introduction of a country that has trade business / deals with Canada, with the exception of countries like China , Mexico , Cuba , Spain , North / South Korea , Russia , Ireland, Japan, and Brazil Begium . Any ideas ? The project should cover the following areas : Competitive advantage and absolute , employment , international agreements , identifying problem areas , cultural factors and customs, international risk management , global business ethics and social responsibility, international marketing, and advisory Tavel. Any country that has a lot of business associations that I can speak wiith Canada to cover the above areas ? Thank you !
Different countries's business platform1Oliver2012-05-27 21:30:00
Hi all, I would like to know some of the countries platform.I means business in China, there are global source , Made in China and Alibaba and the way these different business platform . What about other countries like the United States , Britain and Spain? Clear showing that the business platform for each state, such as Europe , Africa , North America , South America and so on are fine. Waiting for your reply.Thank thanks
How would the USA and other countries react to Canada electing an NPD government?2keya2012-10-12 13:12:02
The traditional two parties Conservative and Liberal have always been in power but the NDP is gaining momentum now and is at over 31% in the polls behind the Conservatives at 35% The NDP evolved from a merger of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). The CCF grew from populist, agrarian and democratic socialist roots into a modern social-democratic party. Although the CCF was part of the Christian left and the Social Gospel movement, the NDP is secular and pluralistic. It has broadened to include concerns of the New Left, and advocates issues such as gay rights, international peace, and environmental stewardship. New Democrats today advocate, among other things: Gender equality and equal rights for LGBT residents Improving environmental protection through government regulations National water safety standards Increasing corporate taxes Reducing poverty in Canada Aggressive human rights protection Expanding funding for public transportation Expanding public health care, including dental and prescription drug coverage Social assistance policies that reflects citizens' needs and assist their re-entry to the work force Abolishing the unelected Senate of Canada and ensuring more proportional representation Workers' rights including raising the minimum wage to pace the cost of living Aboriginal peoples' treaty, land, and constitutional rights A foreign policy that emphasizes diplomacy, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid instead of offensive military action Renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) One wing is focused on ending the Canadian War on Drugs and legalizing recreational drugs
Where do Obama stand on trading/doing business with other countries?2rodrick2012-11-04 23:31:02
McCain? I know the election is over but I am tryin to prove that who we elect as president can affect how we do business with other countries.
Considering European countries' adoption of the Euro, should the US and Canada adopt a single currency?1jackk2012-09-18 13:05:03
Does this encourage more trade and economic security? Both countries have a dollar and , and they're worth about the same , why not have a single new dollar for both countries ? And Canada share the economic burdens of the United States with China.
A to Z of Business types and Trades?0Alone30302012-10-02 09:12:03
Does anyone know where I can get a list for a z of business types in CSV or Excel for a website I'm building ?
I would like to get opinions on a penney stock that trades in canada?2annesha2012-09-15 13:20:03
The company name is a symbol of FWR freewest resources trading at about 33 cents on the dollar, exlporing a property in Northern Ontario, Canada , called ring of fire that has found some good initial signs of perforation , but I would learn more from someone who has some experience in geology to evaluate the company and its potential?
What is a good job in canada that involves skilled trades?0Alcott2012-09-12 17:35:03
ive been thinking about my future now and do not really know what I want to be. I'm not really a college student , but I'm more of a hands on person .
Does the IMF help Countries or does it ruin countries with perpetual debt, imposing control and total dispair?0Varibles and Hypothesis Worksheet2012-10-19 13:53:23
IMF has its own agenda and now counties G20 are given money to support and care for our world. IMF should be more responsible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The quickest way for a country borrows perennial losing control of its economy, lose autonomy over their country's interest is to take help from the IMF. IMF comes in and starts to spread ideas and bad policy that destroys a country and then the country has lost everything. He drowned in debt, worse off than before, mismanagement. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus IMF should be the solution, is the problem. Let's do a comparative study of the evolution and the ruin that has become the IMF intervened and gave countries like Congo, Jamaica loans. These countries are worse off than before. The proof is evident in his track record.IMF requires greater accountability and full transparency or must be discarded. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In 1962, Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom, and the island nation, who had long struggled with poverty, attempted to use its agricultural resources in order to create a strong economic base. As Jamaica's financial problems became more severe with time, Prime Minister Michael Manley reached an agreement in 1977 with a consortium of financial institutions through the International Monetary Fund to lend money to the nation in return for the elimination of trade restrictions and subsidized exports. Twenty years later, the majority of Jamaicans agree that the offer has made a commitment to agricultural and industrial economy of the island, imports from the U.S. have ruined the island's dairy industry, the interference producers and traders in the United States and Latin America have ended the growing onions, bananas, carrots and potatoes as cash crops, the value of the Jamaican dollar has plummeted, and the island is now seven billion dollars in debt to the IMF, with driving interests shown above each day. We must examine the sad state of the Jamaican economy in the face of "free trade" in the global economy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoIJPwfsbqg MedlinePlus http://www.imf.org/external/np/pdr/trans/2009/index.htm MedlinePlus http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3802714/Life_And_Debt_-_Jamaica__IMF__amp__World_Bank_ MedlinePlus http://www.freedomworks.org/publications/the-imf-bad-cop MedlinePlus http://www.brazzil.com/2004/html/articles/may04/p167may04.htm MedlinePlus http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=12349 http://www.nytimes.com/1981/04/15/business/imf-jamaica-loan.html
How do Developed countries gain trading partners and strategic alliances when helping third-world countries...0tahwanickah2012-08-10 17:21:02
How developed countries ( including Canada and the U.S. ) increased partnerships and business partner to help poverty-stricken nations .... please explain this in detail and possibly give more reasons why developed countries should help third world countries . Thanks in advance !
Why are some countries in India and Pakistan, people will ride the train car to climb the roof? Their countries do not have the regulations? The problem of traffic laws1Murra2012-05-04 07:28:07
Why are some countries in India and Pakistan , people will ride the train car to raise the roof? Their countries have no regulations? The problem of traffic laws
HK Trading looks for business opportunity in Canada?0jowy2012-07-10 08:18:01
We are a business located in Hong Kong. Primarily our focus is stationery and electronics. We have many manufacturers backup back. We would like to work in the Canadian market . Any ideas on the business contact ? Or ways to promote ?

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