What should I expect down the road, from this situation? (My car was hit by a used car salesman in a lot).?

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I was in a used car dealership looking at trading.

After getting the value, which left the place to go. After I got enough to go out, I put the car in the unit realized that someone was backing quickly rendering one of the cars that were in the building. There was a car behind me, so I could not back up further, and I could not drive forward or would that just be beaten on the door instead of the front of my car.

After the accident, the guy who hit me, jumped up and looked at him. He said: "I did not see you, there's a damn blind spot" and then a lot of other things and he said he would fix (it was a BMW dealership) and I was putting a value on my BMW.

I went inside and waited for the guy who hit me. (That was mad and stripped the car and took him away in seconds after the accident).

Put in writing that would fix the car (front bumper) and stuff. The problem was only offered to paint. Clearly there is structural damage (front bumper fell slightly).

I went back and tried to get his insurance information. He said: "I'm turning to insurance, I will arrange for you" (ie, who would have his repair shop on site to do so.). I asked him in writing and just say "I will take care of it, you have my word as a BMW dealership."

I asked again, the insurance money, "if all is not careful," and he changed his story to a "we are on private property and that means not to blame at all, do not go to safe. " I went and said, "I'm calling the sheriff."

Sheriff of wine, and about 5 guys left the dealership. I guess the sheriff told him the same as the other two (manager, who said he would fix my car, and what man I really realized that he changed his story.) Originally "I did not see you" to
"we backed each other."
The manager of the dealership then tried to get tough with me and came over and said, "I'm not going to fix your car, and I'm going to make a claim against your insurance to fix our car." By the way, his car ended up getting most of the damage. (That does not make sense because the guy was complaining (after he hit me) about "I was about to fill up with gas for the man who just bought could not stand")). Can a BMW dealer who hit me, fix a car, and then file a claim?

I just said what ever at that point, because the guy who hit me changed his story and began to lie to the police. At least 3 players who were not even there are the police. And the facility manager, who said he was going to get my car fixed (which also said, "Well, I did not see") was lying to the police saying we backed each other.

In this picture we can see the area. The backup, and stopped and changed into the unit. Before he could pull ahead and take your foot off the break, the guy from the dealership followed this path (backup) and turned right into me. He got out and said "blind spot and I did not see you." I had no where to go. Or I could go back in another car there, or pull forward and be beaten or killed by him in a different place in my car.

I have it in writing that said they would fix my car. The police told me that (not sure if the report through), it seems that it is their fault. They constantly lied and is clearly their fault. The only way I could have been avoided, is to know the future and knew it would have been pulling away.

My concern is, they began to lie, and the police had no alternative but to report only what they said and what I thought, rather than admitted to police he was there. Absolute means that I had to listen to their lies.

I'm making a claim against your insurance to fix my car. What kind of problems might face. I will fight against having to pay a penny, to see what it was all his fault and that you gave me in writing that they would fix it. Could this go to small claims court?

I looked around and did not see any cameras.

Could a group of boys lying frankly overcome the truth that already admitted.

I've been beaten before and not deal with insurance, but still I have the insurance information. These guys refused to give me your insurance until the police took them. I called the police did not. And the guy who hit me, left the scene (but returned when police got there). Somehow, in whatever form it may have to give them a cent, unless the law into his lie as truth in the assertion that "I backed my front bumper on the rear bumper of his car when I pulled" and "I'll fix your car, a policeman came oo ... now I will not fix your car" ...

Any advice and any opinion on what should I expect?

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