Is there any trading software in stock market better than Omega Research? related questions

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Is there any trading software in stock market better than Omega Research?0Rebecca2012-08-08 20:58:02
Is there any software for trade in the stock market better than Omega Research ?
What are the best websites for research and trading of the stock market?0Al Gore2012-08-18 09:35:02
What are the best web sites for research and trade stock market ? A place where I could see how populations have changed and perhaps compare the different sectors of the stock market . The more detailed the site is the best .. =)
How accurate are Stock market guru and their trading software in prediction of stock price?0Britany2012-08-05 17:16:02
I am very new to the online stock trading and suffered many losses in intraday . There are many Guru and stock market trading software that claim 90 to 100 % accuracy in predicting the price movement. Because I'm so tired of losing my job , I'm thinking of using your service if your statement is true or not otherwise I have to resort to long-term investment . If someone uses or experienced these services please guide and suggest me .
Stock Market Trading Software?0Erin W!!!!!!2012-10-14 04:09:02
Does anyone have any advice on a good year to buy ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am new at this and seeing software that gives buy and sell signals. I found a call if anyone has Dreamtai and please advice .
Best software for practicing of stock market trading?1HumanBodyIdiot2012-07-30 07:00:56
i am interested in online share market trading. i want to practice it so which is the best software to train myself it will be better if the software is free.
What's the best software to use for stock market swing trading?0acshikari2012-07-13 02:15:02
What is the best software to use for swing trading stock market ?
Does anyone know of a good Free Day trading stock market software?0ashajackson2012-08-02 00:59:53
Which is the best day trading free software for indian stock market?1:)help please2012-10-25 09:29:02
What is the best day of free trade software for Indian stock market ?
What trading software should i use to watch live stock market?2ann johnson2012-07-30 03:24:57
Im here in Canada. Im wondering if there is some free software I can use to see the TSX , or you can even operate on it , it will be even better. Im a student of Finance Learning stocks in my spare time. Does anyone can help me? And give the link to free software? Thank you.
Is it legal to run automated trading software on stock market, and how to do it?0rosland2012-07-05 15:49:02
Out of curiosity with regard to technical and legal aspects ( I am aware of financial risks ) , it is legal to run an automated trading software that deals for you using some kind of pseudo -IA ? If it is legal , how can you connect this type of software for the stock market ? I guess going through normal web sites would not be appropriate in terms of latency / cost , not to mention technically inefficient. Do you require special permits and qualifications to do so? How can you get? Thanks : o)
Is there any software for trading indian stock market which gives signal to buy or sell?1Al Gore2012-09-15 21:33:02
stock market
I am doing some research on the stock market and advancement in technology, could use some feedback?0quynh2012-08-13 21:05:02
What was the impact of technology and computerization of financial markets and trade? In your opinion, is the impact positive or negative? What do you think will be the ultimate impact of the growing computerization of trading on organized markets like the NYSE ?

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