Jokes .. U would Love to Star?

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1 . A man suspected of SARS was in bed with a mask over his mouth when a young auxiliary nurse came to sponge his face and hands .
"Nurse" , he mutters behind the mask, " are my black ass $ you ? "
Embarrassed , the nurse replies, "I used to wash his face and hands. " He struggles again to ask, " Nurse, are my black ass $ you ? "
Again the nurse replies, " I can not say . I am only here to wash your face and hands. "
Just then , the head nurse was happening and saw the man get a little worried so went to investigate what was wrong .
"Nurse" , he murmured: "Are you my black ass $ you ? "
Being a nurse of long standing, the head nurse was not reached. She reassembled the bed , pulled down his pajama trousers , moved his $ penicillin out of the way , had a good look right up the pajamas, replaced the covers and said, "There is nothing wrong with their asses U.S. dollars you . "< Br > At this the man took off his mask and shouted :
" I SAID ... ARE MY RESULTS tests back? "

2 . Good, bad and the ugly ... situations.
GOOD: You are the man! You're going to the National Fair with theboss .
BAD : Hotel space is limited. You will share your room for a week.
Ugly: On the flight down, he tells you you're cute ...

GOOD: . Her daughter loves a good young man, the owner of the premises, hairsalon
BAD: . There is a rumor in town that is gay
Ugly: Your wife will guarantee that he is not ...

The guys are really good at surfing the Internet :Good! BAD: You worry about all the porn sites out there
sicko ! Ugly: You receive a bill for hosting an adult website .
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