Is there anyone out there who believes in AGW but does not support Obama's "cap and trade" proposal? Reasons? related questions

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Is there anyone out there who believes in AGW but does not support Obama's "cap and trade" proposal? Reasons?2lyama2012-10-07 03:34:02
For those who do not believe in the CGA ( anthropogenic global warming ), the answer to this question is obvious. So I'm just asking those who do. Thank you.
ship building project proposal & financial proposal1- Love Lock closure scared '2012-05-07 20:07:23
Greetings to the spectators! I need an electronic copy of a demo or current project proposal and financial proposal for the shipbuilding industry (Demo / guideline or any copy) . I searched the Google Scholar yahoo, but could not get an electronic copy satisfactory to download. Please help me reach the goal. I have relationship with a potential investor who are interested in investing in the shipbuilding industry in the Indo -Pak, Bangladesh, India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Burma, etc expact care experience for a successful outcome. refers Hafiz
Who else believes that the Slave Trade can happen again?2Jiare2012-09-17 04:32:03
Considering that blacks in the Western Hemisphere do not study nor know their history, they think "we have made it" and drive BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac. Slavery is happening now. McDonald's, Rent-A-Center, Arab, Hispanic, Indian owned inner-city "bodegas" have black slaves. Newport, Salem, Colt 45, Olde English 800, Pay Day Loans have black slaves. Wal-Mart does as well. The biggest black plantation holder in the U.S.A. is the Democratic Party. By the way I am black and a Republican.
Should the Pacers capitalize on the trade proposal?1Maryanne2012-09-29 23:04:02
Beasley - Only 22 and could be a great cornerstone. MedlinePlus Rubio - Overrated, we will change it to New York to pick up a player either solid or picks . MedlinePlus Second round pick ( Enes Kanter ) - Put Kanter with Hibbert and we will have one of the best young front -courts in the NBA with Beasley - Kanter - MedlinePlus Hibbert . MedlinePlus Darren Collison is our PG of the future , and Paul George is an athletic wing who can play both G / F.
My legit trade proposal: Do you like the idea of the Cards trading for Olsen?1Juliana2012-09-04 15:18:02
there is no rational explanation behind this ... Greg Olsen, TE 24-year phenomenon , is not fond of the new Mike Martz offense and reports it has requested to be traded. Cardinals by contrast, do not have adequate TE in its list. So how about this : Cards get Greg Olsen Bears get: a second- round pick.
What are the facts? is there slave trading in obamas family? ?1charles miller2012-09-02 05:57:04
his policies will certianly enslave more folks to welfare and other government programs as they wont have the finances to pay their own way with higher taxes... in Illinois the sales tax is over 10% the highest in the nation.
What kills Obamas re-election faster then Mitt Romney. Try, Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.?3suman2012-11-05 11:47:08
The man who loves to spend good money after bad. Tells the Germans who are the most proactive in all of Europe to ebb the tide of failure. Say Austerity wins spending loses, But Obama the action hero of all tax and spend freaks, says no no. Throw money at it. Like I do in the US. When these above entitys fail and go away from the European union. Obama will lose all stock in trade world wide. He will be shown as the complete fraud and failure he really is.
Reasons for and against trade?0Maren2012-07-24 12:28:02
Reasons for and against trade ?
Why support GOP? Here's why I support Obama? What details from the Right justifies GOP support?5EMH2022-01-13 00:19:19
Promises Kept 122 MedlinePlus Commitment 41 MedlinePlus Broken Promises 22 MedlinePlus 82 Stuck MedlinePlus In the works 236 MedlinePlus Not Yet Rated 3 MedlinePlus
ARE THESE GOOD REASONS TO TRADE AN HP FOR A MAC?1haynaku2012-11-02 16:11:02
i have always own HP computers and laptops. My first computer was a desktop HP in 2002 to 11 years with windows xp . it was a decent computer that I learned computers were something I liked . then jump seven years for the future of my parents bought a HP dv4 laptop and that was in 2009 . well my desktop HP began to fail within 2 years of use I mean that the hard drive is broken motherboard died on me twice ( best buy replaced it with a new motherboard ) and the fan kept screwing up , and especially that it was slow to condemn . HP dv4 laptop now worth $ 1,000 at the time and bought myself being a loyal customer of HP . so the laptop was the fan sucks the battery died twice burned motherboard not me ( Geek Squad told me it was normal for HP laptops ) and also some of the pixels of the screen keeps burning . Best Buy and gave me $ 480 for my laptop , as it said it was not worth what I'm fixing to get store credit . I was talking to an Apple representative . and he explained all the neat features had mac and I bought a MacBook "13 Pro with an Intel Core i5 320 GB hard drive and many features . do not know if I made the right decision ? certainly think windows is great and all, but I do not like any brand besides Hp and I think Acer and Sony laptops look cheap . Apple products seem well built.
What are the principle reasons for international Trade?0Carry2012-08-09 12:10:42
Why do we want to restrict trade? What are the fees? What are the odds? What are the differences between the two teh ? I have to write a 5 page paper please help!
What are 4 reasons the US engages in global trade?2chetna shetty2012-09-23 06:02:02
What are the four reasons the U.S. engages in global trade ?

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