Is there anyone out there who believes in AGW but does not support Obama's "cap and trade" proposal? Reasons?

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Asked at 2012-08-08 19:14:03
For those who do not believe in the CGA ( anthropogenic global warming ), the answer to this question is obvious. So I'm just asking those who do.

Thank you.
Answer1c4st4w4y Answered at 2012-10-03 00:44:19
Cap- and-trade is said to have worked on the problem (mostly resolved) of acid rain. It sets an absolute limit to burning coal. MedlinePlus Personally , I understand that a carbon tax better. But economists like better cap- and-trade . MedlinePlus One feature of the bill now is nullifying the set limits states. This is an advantage for the industry , which have a set of requirements that address . However, some media does not like because states like California have been more aggressive than the federal government . MedlinePlus I think it's better to start to worry about the weaknesses of this bill . At least we have a negotiating position based on doing something . It is also important that all countries on board. I would be in favor of limiting trade with countries in five years if you do not move from dirty energy .
Answer2AdinaAnswered at 2012-10-07 03:32:53
I believe in all that climate scientists are saying , and what stands out is the uncertainty that anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide have more than what can be done with minimum measurable temperature increase in the last hundred years. Watch your thoughts: " Sea levels could rise " , " The temperatures may still rise," " ice may decrease." They are grasping at straws ! Not going to happen . How many of you depositing on: " Your investment in my company could provide great benefits Just sign here . " Lose your shirt . Bernie Madoff . Al Gore . Stephen Schneider . Ed Markey . Henry Waxman . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Forced "reduction" ( a permanent tax in either primary sources or consumers ) of carbon emissions have little effect on the actual amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere , and even less effect on climate . This is exactly the danger of global warming propaganda : politicians use to justify panic a huge increase in taxes , and I can not promise any benefit from their medicine . However, if you believe that the Earth is your home and you want it to be habitable for future generations , it is fine. Personally eliminate the things that has been shown to cause harm to the environment : pollution , overconsumption , excess. But stop trying to punish the entire population with a carbon tax to be ineffective ( at best) , if not counterproductive , or ( to borrow a tactic from GWers ) catastrophic effects.
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