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Is this considered Day Trading?0Kinza2012-08-08 18:08:43
I want to start with $ 1000. Once or twice a week I buy a stock selling in the morning and evening. You still have to deposit $ 25,000 ?
Is this considered day trading?0nishi2012-09-05 08:27:04
So what I've been doing the last few days is the purchase of a share in the afternoon , and sale the next morning , to purchase a little later in the day , and repeat . Is this considered day trading , and I'm buying and selling shares on the same day ? I do not want to be marked as a day trader ...
Would this be considered insider trading?2bibi2012-09-24 10:53:02
Suppose a person knows the CEO of some major company. This CEO knows that his company stock is about to become worthless for some reason and tells a friend that he should sell off his stock immediately. The CEO doesn't tell him anything else or that the stock is about to plummet - he just says that it might be a good idea to sell out now. So the guy trusts the CEO and sells it all before the stock drop. Would that situation be considered insider trading?
Would this be considered insider trading?2T.L2012-08-22 05:38:02
Let's say I was the CEO of Etrade and have used the information to inform ongoing negotiations on the purchase of shares. Is that inside information?
Is trading in heroin considered a sin in islam?7lindas2012-10-17 03:26:03
In options trading, what adjustment frequency is considered too much?0Tyrek2012-09-03 04:35:04
I can adjust ? Every day to maintain a neutral Delta / Vega ?
Is trading penny stocks considered day trading?0Mikrya2012-08-01 00:28:01
Is considered penny stock trading day trading ?
Is trading with a cash account still considered day trading?1Yammy2012-08-06 00:13:03
A pattern daytrader is someone who buys and sells a security in the same day four times in five business days according to the rules set forth by mean people. If I do this in a cash account will I still be considered a pattern daytrader or does this only apply to those with margin accounts. Basically I do not have 25000 to maintain a balance with and want to know if I will be required to even if I am only doing this in a cash account.
Is ebay trading assistant considered a job of an individual effort?1Andew2012-09-16 16:35:04
Spotwarehouse ( Canadian company ) is hiring a Trading Assistant on eBay. I
Since corporations are people would buying and selling them be considered slave trading ?5Trac2012-10-12 22:20:02
Since companies are buying and selling people is considered the slave trade?
Where is the currency traded? what are the main factors considered by the traders while doing the trading?1Michelle White2012-08-05 01:58:48
Hello Where is the currency of trade? What are the main factors considered by traders as is currency trading ? Thanks
If I make 3 options trades one day and wait until the next day to sell them is this considered day trading?0Kylie Castaneda2012-06-29 23:28:01
I see where it says 3 day trades in 5 days, but it is unclear if that means that 3 days or 3 full within 5 days.

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