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Fantasy Baseball: Would you trade Adam Jones for Will Middlebrooks?0Shym2012-08-08 17:28:43
We really need a third baseman and type offers Middlebrooks need a gardener. We've been going back and forth on whether or not a fair trade. Jones may have better statistics in the year, but in the last 2 months or so , Middlebrooks statistics have flown out of the water . Does anyone think that this is a good deal for me or am I being stupid?
Should i pick up adam jones or bryce harper for fantasy?1fool2012-10-06 00:55:02
I am in fatasy baseball (in hurry and cant spell) and som1 purposed me a trade for bryce harper washington outfeilder 4 adam jones the baltimore outfeilder who should i take? Because harper just got called up and is doing good but adam jones has been good all year.
Do you think trading Felix Jones For Rashard Mendehall And Carson Palmer is a Fair Trade In Fantasy Football?1Lolerskater2012-09-11 18:25:02
Do you think trading for Felix Jones and Rashard Mendehall Carson Palmer is a fair trade in Fantasy Football ?
Would You do this trade in Fantasy Baseball?0Alayasia2012-07-12 12:11:01
Ok so here is the trade Im trading Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer, Mike Avilles For Ian Kinsler and Shane Victorino. My Backups for those positions are Brett Lawrie at 3rd, Mike Napoli At Catcher and Rollins at shortstop.
Baseball Fantasy Trade Help?0shubhangi2012-07-21 09:12:02
I trade Robinson Cano and Justin Upton to receive Josh Riddick and Rafael Furcal. I am weary of losing Cano, but I want to get rid of Upton because he isn't doing anything. If I trade Cano, I could pick up Jose Altuve to fill in 2nd base of of waivers. What should I do? Should I not be so ready to let go of Upton? Help please?
Fantasy Baseball Trade?1Misti2012-09-25 06:36:02
I Drew Stubbs negotiated by Kevin Youkilis , starting my 3b was / is Chris Davis , but with the signing of Jim Thome at DH , I began to doubt his playing time. My question is, was it a good deal? or poor outcome of a trade finger itchy? Anyone who still believes that Kevin Youkilis will turn around at the end ?
Should I take this fantasy baseball trade?1Tedd2012-09-13 20:48:02
I would send ... Send Ian Kinsler, 2B TEX Send Andrew McCutchen, Well Send Yovani Gallardo, SP Mil And get in return ... Get Brandon Phillips, Cin 2B Get Alex Gordon , KC OF Get Jose Altuve , Hou 2B Receive Josh Johnson, SP Mia My current list looks like this ... I'm still currently in 1st place despite the pitching staff (which has been rough ) C Buster Posey , SF C, 1B 1B Paul Konerko , CWS 2B Ian Kinsler , TEX 3B Pedro Alvarez , Pit SS Starlin Castro , CHC Ryan Braun , Mil Andrew McCutchen , Pit OF Jason Heyward , Atl OF Nick Swisher , NYY USEFUL Ian Desmond, WSH USEFUL Angel Pagan , SF BANK Rafael Furcal, ROB Bank of Cameron Maybin , SD Bank of Ty Wigginton , Phi DL * Evan Longoria , TB P Yovani Gallardo , Mil P Chad Billingsley , LAD -5.5 SP Ricky Romero , Tor SP Edinson Volquez , SD SP Wandy Rodriguez , Hou RP John Axford, RP Thousand RP Jonathan Broxton , KC Bank of Ivan Nova, NYY Bank of Jake Peavy , CWS Thank you !
Fantasy baseball trade value?0niceol2012-09-03 12:16:04
What type of player (s ) would anyone expect to give up to get Jose Reyes . He is a brand name , but is doing well now and was hoping to buy for less ?
Fantasy Baseball Trade?0Luca2012-07-28 10:45:02
I give up Andre Ethier, I get Jose Altuve and Shane Victorino. I'm near the top of the league in Runs, HR, RBI, near the bottom in SB. Will Ethier slow down? Or is he going to win MVP?
Should I do this fantasy baseball trade?0Leagh2012-07-30 23:57:56
10 team H2H I give Wade Miley and Evan Longoria for Adrian Gonzalez and Dan Uggla
How did I do in this fantasy baseball trade?3Rahid Haque2012-08-25 07:37:18
I get: Mike Aviles Torii Hunter Scott Downs Andy Dirks Joey Votto I can send: Ryan Zimmerman Dexter Fowler Rafael Betancourt Mitch Moreland Justin Morneau I really wanted to Votto and I do not think I had to give up too much.
Fantasy Baseball trade help?1Yunis2012-08-31 19:28:02
i have been wanting to get Mike Trout on my team ever since he hit his first ball, but i don't know who to trade. Below is my entire team and how many points each player has. Please put down and explain any opinion and advice you have. This is for an ESPN private fantasy league. ---OF - Mike Trout (183)--- C - Yadier Molina (208) 1B - Prince Fielder (219) 2B - Aaron Hill (187) 3B - Pablo Sandoval (111)** SS - Asdrubal Cabrera (187) 2B/SS - Rafael Furcal (198) 1B/3B - Jed Lowrie (176) OF - Ryan Braun (242) OF - Hunter Pence (209) OF - Andrew McCutchen (218) OF - Michael Brantley (168) OF - Alex Rios (206) UTIL - Carlos Ruiz (192) BE - David Freese (157) P - Matt Cain (313) P - Craig Kimbrel (200) P - Jim Johnson (203) P - James McDonald (239) P - Rafael Soriano (153) P - Andy Pettitte (116)** P - Roy Oswalt (19)** P - Ernesto Frieri (170) P - Matt Harrison (193) P - CC Sabathia (238) P - Wade Miley (230) P - Vance Worley (147)** **= Players who are/were injured and/or missed a significant number of games P.S. Also, tell me what you think of the team. Please rate it out of 10. And if you have any questions on anything I wrote, please write them and i'll try and answer them.

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