Why silver going down below $10.- from $20.- few month ago? related questions

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Why silver going down below $10.- from $20.- few month ago?1 Dian. sister too helpless -2012-09-23 08:33:02
Need much help. I do not understand why the price of silver down. Because there is no money , bar / Round 1 oz to 100 oz available at any dealer. Even trying to buy 40 ounces of a dealer , I am told that the delay shall be at least 4 months to ship and succeed since last month . Also silver is going like crazy on eBay , you can buy below $ 18 per ounce. Average on eBay is $ 19 per ounce including shipping. How can we demand of many in the silver bar / round and huge supply shortages . But the silver trade in commodities are falling. They think that if the demand exceeds supply, the price must go up. But with the money , I totally undertands Dont .
Convert my silver coins / rounds into silver?0Mounika Kunnuri2012-10-03 00:07:37
I have ... MedlinePlus 374/4 - 90% silver MedlinePlus 31 half dollars - 90 % silver $ 196 on average - 40 % silver 11 dollar coins - 40 % silver MedlinePlus * The combined weight of all this silver coin is about 110 grams . MedlinePlus * I see the silver bars are sold in 100 -ounce bricks . MedlinePlus * The vast majority of these coins are bad value . * Some are in excellent condition , but they are rare . MedlinePlus * What I like to do is convert ( either automatically or melt ) these coins in a bar 100 oz . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Question: What is the best way to make this happen MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These coins were collected by my aunt as they change when he ran a gas station for many many years , so most have heavy circulation wear . She gave them to me , citing the value of silver a few years ago , but I sat in my closet as I sat down. I do not want to take advantage of its intrinsic value , I just want to be condensed into a liquid currency in case of the need for each present . Meanwhile , I'd like to keep it as an heirloom hoping never download . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I realize that if I was going to go to the trouble of selling detailed individually or a few at a time, I could eventually just bought the bar with plenty to spare, but there are too many ! Merger and separation of metals is not something you 'll be able to do , no matter how clever I am, so I thought I would post this question as my first stint inquisitive on this website . Thanks in advance !
Trading Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Card For a 2 month or whatever Runescape Card?0Tosin osemeobo2012-07-22 19:09:01
Im not a scammer i got my xbox live card for christmas but i want a runescape membership now but i have no money please
Henan shift uses an enlightened GPRS, apply for that month, is next month enlightened?1â¿´ benzyl wrong station 2012-01-17 00:53:42
Change in Henan uses a lighted GPRS, apply in that month, next month is enlightenment?
In commodities trading, what's the difference between investing in silver and investing in silver futures?0Love Sick,Heartbreaker,Your the one that 2012-07-12 23:42:01
Some sites list them separately. I'm just starting to read about this sort of thing and though I'd ask.
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given 3-month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at.?0Joyc2012-08-01 11:37:02
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given that 3 month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at 4.5%. What should the 3 month outright rate for USD/CAD? Solve.
Who is Lin Yin month so famous1Manila2012-05-23 06:54:57
Lin Yin months? Who will ?
A month to what I learned1Clock 'o' Death 2012-01-28 17:35:04
How quickly time passes unconsciously learning to promote a month and I have with my brother, get back together for a month. Oh, right. And my master was seriously cute! In the study period, happy, sad there. I thank my teacher, brother and sister of a teacher, I know I'm not smart, learn what slow, but speed is not good always dropped calls, delayed us for a long time. Here I would like to say: "Sorry!" And say, "Thank you" Thanks for my inclusion in tutor. Each studio, always asking questions, always tell me patiently until I understood so far. It's my life! For me, no less angry now! Oh, really sorry Oh, then I will not. I will take along with you, and truly integrated in you! I remember my blog more link to start learning when, what is confusing is wrong. Bad keywords, the text has made a mistake ...... ...... brothers taught me so much, the teacher taught me, but I'm right or wrong. I do not know how many times worse, and now at last, and how skillfully he said. Think of the time, shade can be really, how ridiculous it would be so bad! At that time I did not know what the link is actually learned, always and never thought that what he learned today, taking this opportunity to summarize, the learning of the promotion, you should use to learn how to deal with - a being diligent, of course, be difficult, no matter what we do, it is hard to hard to be fruitful, as it had been, what they do not have been forced to harvest. This is because of laziness, ah, we can not, like me, Oh! The second is to think consciously I was well aware, however, this awareness should not be too small. "Teachers open the door, self-cultivation by the individual." It has always been true. The hard work go hand in hand with awareness. Also, it is good in short and think, many minds. More practice, more contact. As for the rest, I have not written that level. But I do not know either. Written in a bad place, too, please bear with me. If you have any good method of learning, you can tell me, so we can learn. XianXian here already! !
Will 5GB wireless last me 1 month if i use 8 hrs a day?0neva2012-09-27 15:05:04
Use only stock trading and paying bills and watching TV alittle -8 hrs day.My plan has only a month 5gb
Anyone want to trade my month of PS+. ?0Taskeen2012-07-16 21:57:02
I have a month of PlayStation Plus. I can prove it by sending pictures and vids of it working. I want to change it to a COD Black Ops gameshare or maybe some other fun games you have. You have to gameshare me first so I know you wont scam me. I can prove mine is not a scam.
Does anyone remember a month or two ago?0nereida2012-10-12 20:04:39
when many people were saying that the economy was turning around .. and Bush policies just take time to take effect ? Where are they now ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The fact that the deficit in investment flows
Trading My 12 month card?2sargam2012-10-08 12:52:01
Selling my 12 months card Real is not a scam check out My Photobucket account is theoldmall [ IMG ] http://i250.photobucket.com/album

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