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Trade Antonio Gates for Edgerin James?0JMom2012-08-08 11:08:02
A friend of mine is offering a commercial for James Edgerin for my Antonio Gates. I have Dallas Clark on the bench. For now , my departure was RB Adrian Peterson , Felix Jones , Willie Parker, and Correll Buckhalter . So far , Peterson has produced good fantasy points except Monday against the Saints. Willie Parker is no longer injured , but their bye week ahead. Felix Jones has been an incredible flexibility option . Buckhalter .. Well, I heard Westbrook has fractured ribs, so maybe going to start ? I want your opinion, if the gates of Santiago is a good deal? Or should I propose a trade with Dallas Clark Santiago ?
Do I trade Antonio Gates, Santonio Holmes and Joe Flacco for Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Steven Jackson?0KENDELISHA2012-09-10 02:28:05
What do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus STANDARD LEAGUE TEAM TEN MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have offered Austin Collie , Dallas Clark and Sánchez ( with the option of taking Steven Jackson instead of any of the foregoing ) in exchange for Santonio Holmes ( who took over last week as a FA ) , Gates and Flacco . MedlinePlus I had grabbed Vick on Sunday night after a week and I've been congratulating myself up when I heard Vick deformed sternum , two days ago , traded some junk as collateral for Flacco MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus ME : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus P Manning , Vick , Flacco MedlinePlus Roddy White , Santana Moss , Steve Smith NYG , and Santonio Holmes MedlinePlus Chris Johnson , LaDainian Tomlinson , Ronnie Brown , BenJarvus Green- Ellis MedlinePlus Antonio Gates MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HE: MedlinePlus Romo , Sanchez MedlinePlus Collie , Brandon Lloyd , Eddie Royal , Braylon , Mike Wallace MedlinePlus Gore , Hillis , Jackson , Portis MedlinePlus Clark , Witten MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Gates is an absolute monster , and I am reluctant to give up the back of Holmes , but Collie has been huge, and Clark is not stupid . Of course , it would be a week 7 bye nughtmare for me if I made the trade , both NYJ and out of Indy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Next question: MedlinePlus Does it make sense for me to try to hold on to Holmes and Flacco , Vick as questionable status , and instead of offering Ronnie Brown and Steve Smith ? I'm at a loss . Green- Ellis or LT may also be in the mix . MedlinePlus Thanks for any input and all!
I traded Antonio Gates & Dez Bryant?0shayna2012-09-01 09:52:03
For LeSean McCoy and Robert Meachem MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10 team h2h PPR 6 points per passing TD league yahoo MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - New Poster - QB- Matthew Stafford MedlinePlus RB - LeSean McCoy MedlinePlus RB - MJD MedlinePlus WR - AJ Greene MedlinePlus WR - Mike Wallace MedlinePlus WR Sidney Rice - MedlinePlus Gresham TE- Germane MedlinePlus QB / RB / WR / TE- Andy Dalton MedlinePlus D - 49ers MedlinePlus D - Seahawks MedlinePlus K - N.Rackers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -bench- MedlinePlus RB - B.J.G.E . ( My previous RB2 ) MedlinePlus QB Sam Bradford - MedlinePlus Robert Meachem WR - MedlinePlus WR - Titus Young MedlinePlus RB - Piere Thomas MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, nice trade ? Any suggestions lineup change ? And , I must pick Ponder , or Dallas Clark ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus THANX
Will OKC trade James Harden?3Vianna2012-10-19 04:34:01
He was 6th man of the year but that's the reg season and nobody cares how well you do in the reg season if you can't win a ring. And it was all on James Harden that OKC lost 3 in a row after they were up 1-0. I'm not even talking about game 5 there was nothing they could do about that Mike Miller just went crazy from the arc but the three games that they lost prior to that, Harden didn't even play at all I think they should look to trade him they could get a lot of value out of him.
NBA: Kobe Bryant for Lebron James trade?0PJ!!2012-09-26 01:48:04
Anyone else hear the sound of today ? Apparently Kobe demanding a trade to the heat ... agreement only logical that you could see down to Kobe Lebron is . Who would win if this happened ?
DOes anyone want to STRIKE, and demand a trade for Lebron James?3Matty F.2012-09-11 04:37:03
He is my fav player, but i hate the CAVS i hate Clebeland and i dont want him to waste his talent and future on the cavs, they will ruin his life agree or no?
Is there a good place where you can trade, sell, and buy video games in San Antonio texas?0Ms lane2012-07-21 14:06:02
Is there a good place where you can trade , sell and buy video games in San Antonio, Texas?
Fantasy Football Trade Question. I am trading Moreno and Turner for Andre Johnson and Antonio Bryant.?0Corneliu2012-07-11 16:53:07
Is this a good trade? My other strating players: Warner, Grant, S Jackson, B Marshall, Percy Harvin, (AJ?) This is assuming that Andre is ok, I know he is slightly injured. They are calling it a bruised lung, which sounds bad, but is actually common after taking a severe hit.
Good trade? jose calderon and demar derozan for james harden?0adonis2012-09-29 08:32:02
Is this a good deal? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus first, the thunder that move or harden or Ibaka , since both financially unable to sign . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus second, allowing them to move to his natural position westbrook sg . Jose is a very good base that has been top 5 in assists for the past few seasons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , I'm not saying DeRozan is as good as it hardened but still can replace his scoring sixth man . Averaged the same amount of points last season ( yes, I know DeRozan plays for a shit team so its easier to score ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think of this trade ?
Do you think trading Chuck James for Royals David DeJesus would be a good trade for the Atlanta Braves?1Sammy J2012-10-09 01:41:02
Do you think Chuck James trade for Royals David DeJesus would be a good deal for the Atlanta Braves ?
Toronto Maple Leafs get James Van Riemsdyk* in a trade with the Flyers. How will this affect the Leafs?2Clyd2012-10-01 20:33:02
How do you see JVR and leaves with this new situation ?
How does bill gates have more money?0Anono.2012-07-20 15:03:02
How Bill Gates has more money than Mark Zuckerberg , Michael Dell , Larry Page, Sergey Brin, No Steve Jobs , it is possible that other people choose not to have more money ? How does that work ? for each individual, can not market or sell their shares , assets, etc. .. or there is a way for somehor or some form of increasing your net worth, or how to make your equity work ? Zuckerberg has (24% national equity shares of 17.5 million so if you have 96 per cent stake to be , as it is your company, would not your net worth increased to 70 billion ?

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