Is trading on economic news releases with the forex market a good idea? related questions

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Is trading on economic news releases with the forex market a good idea?2DMAR2012-10-23 01:58:02
Is trading on economic news releases with the forex market is a good idea?
FOREX: Can somebody give some names of a few good sites that can give me forex-related news releases?...?1Deberal2012-08-19 07:46:02
... Actually, does anybody outthere trade strictly around news releases, and if so, how is it working for you? How many pips do you make/ lose on average, and how long do you usually hold trades for? For people out there who trade with technical indicators, which ones work best for you? do you have any advice for somebody who is still in the learning stages? Personally, I try to trade around whatever trends I can notice ("the trend is your friend" rule), does anyone have any trend-based startergies they'd like to share with me? Good luck traders!
Can anyone please help me with economic forex news announcements? ( real time ) trading news.?0ALAYAH2012-08-18 16:16:02
I need real time ( live) economic news forex trading
Is forex trading a good idea?2maryjane2012-10-14 03:31:02
a friend of mine does - sometimes you lose money, but not often. usually makes money. started with a small amount ( three or four hundred , something a bit) and told me that every month you can have more or less enough to pay some bills or buy food without having to add more money in your pocket. basically , which is partially live off the earnings . I opened a practice account and so far, the money of $ 200 in the game has more than tripled. Is it really that easy? what am I missing?
I want to invest $1000 in a mini account trading forex, good idea?3SquarePants2012-09-12 22:55:04 offers a mini account with a minimum deposit of $ 250. $ 1000 is enough to trade or should I look for a micro account .
Forex News Trading - Are you an Active News Trader who Tracks the Fundamental Release?0cassandra2012-07-15 12:37:03
Do you recommend this strategy in the Asia-Pacific forex markets -- Singapore, HK, Japan, Australia & NZ?
How to keep track of economic news/events when trading stocks?0Keirstan2012-09-21 06:56:02
I stock trading ( swing trading ) . I am using Ameritrade, and am using technical analysis to trade. When pocket money is mostly becuase entire market is down (caused by bad news , etc ) . Now I realize I have to be watching the news more aggressively . I might decide to leave before any major news hit . MedlinePlus How I can get information on major " next " economic news . As govermnet reportings , and the like ( in one place ) . It seems that every day there is some news poping . What is the website is the best , in your opinion , in reporting this kind of thing ? thanks
How can one trade the forex market and most importantly trade the news in the forex market?0caro2012-09-12 12:05:05
How do you operate in the forex market and the most important news of the trade in the Forex market ?
Would investing in the stock market be a good idea for a 15 yr old boy?1Irena2015-08-18 02:08:43
ok im 15 years old should start saving money for a bike and can not find a job , so I have a spare $ 200 I can put on the stock market , but do not know what actions and what the initial cost buying a stockbroker would like e-commerce sites and what good penny stocks that could get in like 6 months when I have to buy some equipment and the bike ... any strategy or advice would be great whether you should invest
With the market drop today, is it a good idea to invest?0ordinal2012-09-10 16:23:02
I'm thinking of opening an online trading account ( scottrade. ..) Is it a good time to invest ?
I'm only 16 years old, is it a good idea to invest money in the stock market?0ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-09-24 08:21:03
I'm young and need to just cut my hours at my job , but I really need the money especially for college , not to mention that desperately need a car , and I heard a guy in class saying it had invested in a little broth in E * Trade , on 1grand . So I thought that after doing some research I could do the same , do you think this is a good idea? corridor is another less expensive than E * Trade ? What are some good tips to buy or sell? MedlinePlus Thank you all.
Anyone know of forex fundamental news trading?0 색깔을 나타내는 단어 2012-10-19 17:16:14
how to trade upon the news and also get the reason for the transfer of der any website to learn ..

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