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Barter, does it work?1jub2012-09-23 01:08:02
1, does it work? How does it work ? for example, to do service to anyone , I have $ 100 trade ( credit ) , but that person does not pay cash , so you can get the service as much as he wants without having to pay the servers? I do not see the logic . 2, if the job is best in? What is your specialty? Can you send me the link? 3, the future of the trucking business ? start thinking about mine.
What should i know about barter?1short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-08-09 08:57:42
I was watching the exchange was very kings and what they were doing and how we were doing. Is there anything I should know about before you start negotiating things? I wanted to see if I could start to trade in my big tablet and going from there.
The term 'barter' refers to a system where?0meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!2012-10-09 06:10:58
A. The money is burned by the Federal Reserve when it is no longer usable. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus B. People trade items with each other without the use of money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C. People can easily measure the accounting unit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus D. money becomes more portable to reduce its size .
10 points, is international trade a form of barter?0Humphre2012-08-01 03:27:54
If someone in America wanted to buy a car from England, first they have to find someone who will accept their dollars for pounds, then use these pounds to buy a car. Isn't that barter, just a more simply version of it? Why not use gold internationally? You deal with weights so no one gets cheated if a currency is manipulated by the central bank. It is accepted anywhere in the world at any time. Isn't that the best money?
Would a travel agent barter for currency trading?0DMC2012-07-16 23:18:01
Hi, I am thinking about taking my wife on a nice vacation. What I want to know is do you think a travel agent would give me a nice discount for a trip to say Sandals in exchange for my knowledge of currency trading? I think it would be a fair trade off. Me showing them how to make money everyday from trading, but what do you think?
Are there any communities that have a website dedicated to barter, and trade?0tanzil2012-07-18 08:08:03
A website for everyone in one zip code perhaps? Somewhere with no shipping, and handling costs, and no currency involved, but more exclusive than Craigslist.
Why will my DS WiFi Connection work for trading PKM on Pokemon Pearl, but it won't work for the underground?0desiray2012-07-20 05:54:02
I know my wifi connection works, because I can do the international trade, but every time I go to the underground, the connection box is always red, and I have never met anyone down there. :( I really have no idea why this is; the conditions are the same! Please help. @[email protected]
What master degrees are a good option to find work in environmental issues or social work?0it'sme2012-10-02 04:58:02
I am applying for some scholarships at this time , and some that look promising are : renewable energy and corporate responsibility , international relations , social projects and social inclusion , and even one of Gerontology , although distant from the above , it seems interesting nature of the work . MedlinePlus I have a degree in Business Administration , but was never really my thing ( family pressure ) . After graduating , I worked at a couple of companies for a short time in accounting and foreign trade , did not like it , then I taught English for a long time , and finally spent about a year living in music and language teaching . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Id like to use my brain , but I want to implement something that is rewarding , not just money . If I can make enough to support my humble life is good , but I do not want to be just work 9 to 5 to 30 - . 40 years and then die MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been reading a lot about environmental problems , resource exploitation , degradation of nature , trafficking in endangered species , all kinds of social problems , blah blah blah , and I wonder if you really study a masters will make a difference in helping me to work in one of these areas , you know honestly education today seems to be a big fake market . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have friends doing their expertise abroad , and tell me what a joke the level of education they are receiving is , but at the end of the day get a nice cardboard with his name on it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Someone to share your work experience and help me a little ? MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AB
Need two computer screens for my work at home. One to work on, one to simply show streaming quotes. Ideas?0LeXi<32012-10-10 08:21:06
I work in stock trading source .
Today, check out my work is a hundred bucks less when the three of us girls to go to work ``1Maxine2012-03-25 22:20:06
We are talking about I took ! Because I 'm new here ! Very good helpless ah `` I just want to take to work out where the thought of many things,ah ! ! Please , to the point that ` the way in order to obtain money to stand.
Can you do your own electric work, as long as a qualified electrician checks the work?0Anonmymous2012-10-26 10:38:33
I wonder , I've heard a rumor that if you do your own electrical work , and get a qualified electrician to check , then that is perfectly legal . I wonder if in the future I should do that instead of doing a course in domestic electricity at night school . Whenever I can find the right knowledge about electricity , without going to college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also the same for plumbing ? and other trades ?
I am not a journalism student, but after graduation to work in the press and the like, will I need to work on it from what?1Goddar2012-04-19 22:48:43
Oh , I hope a lot of help

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