How do I buy shares of a company about to float on the LSE? related questions

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How do I buy shares of a company about to float on the LSE?1bruni2012-09-20 21:15:03
If a company about to float on the London Stock Exchange , how do I buy shares ? I have established a trading account . Do I have to wait to make a list before you buy? Is there any way to get automatically notified when the list? All websites that do this ?
Under what circumstance would a company with sales turnover of $180M have only $300K float in current account?0Ashmita2012-10-19 08:46:33
Take this from the point of view of an effective sales person at an initial meeting . No further access to the financial statements . Other information is that trade credit card . TIA
Is there value in owning shares of a company or are those shares only good for trading?0Jessica102012-07-13 10:48:02
When you buy stock in a company you become part owner of that company. Is there any value to be had in that role, or are shares only worth something when they are sold?
I want to buy shares of a company listed on LSE. Any idea which online trading company does that?0RNRH2012-08-24 08:56:02
I need to know about any U.S. based online retailers are able to execute the command of a U.S. resident . The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange ONLY . THANKS ! :)
How and from where do i know that top level managers of the company privately own shares in their company?0snehavalli2012-08-13 10:18:04
" The stock market is about supply and demand. Find stocks that are rising in price on rising volume , a sign that institutional investors could buy. Trading volume should be 50 percent above than normal. also look for companies that buy back their own shares and senior managers who privately own shares in their company. " This will inform the actions O'neil whileselecting winners. In resperct of this statement of expertise that I need the answer.
Is there a coin company that is publicly traded as stock? Is there a public coin company that issues shares?0Social Science2012-10-21 15:22:01
If there is a company that sells coins and actions , what is the ticker ID ?
Can a company own shares in itself?0Kasey2012-07-29 16:12:57
When a company goes public , not 100 % of the property must be sold or transferred to any person or other legal entity ? or can the company maintain the 51% or some other percentage ? ( In other words , you can go to a public company, but only sells part of itself? Or should there be a separate entitiy as a holding company which owns the rest of the company? ) When a company makes a repurchase of shares what they have to "opt out" of the shares, or may keep them as if they were buying shares of another company ? Most importantly, where I can search to see if 100% of a company listed on the market, or if a fraction is held by a holding or insider (if applicable) by the company itself ?
How can i buy shares in a company?0sonny2012-07-23 03:53:03
Im looking to buy shares in facebook once it goes on trading, but i don't know how, please help! , hanks in advance!!.
Company Shares Question 2?0At A Crossroads2012-08-17 00:06:32
If people want to sell their shares, but no one - wants to buy then, what do the shareholders? Also, if anyone wants to trade them all in one company, then what happens next and what happens to the money of the company from the initial stock offering at the beginning? thanks x
I hold shares in a company?0michal2012-09-21 07:42:03
I own shares of a local company that is publicly traded.Recently I found some information on this company that is funding another project under a different name providing material , labor , funds , fuel , etc. I was wondering since I have purchased shares in the "parent" company financing this " side" of risk , should not have been informed about this new adventure ? Also, how would I be able to find out if any of the benefits of this company is already working are paying off for me ? This means that I have shares in a company that is running another company ... Is it legal that I was not informed?
Add salt and eggs in the water Why float?3Cindy2015-02-03 23:06:33
Add salt and eggs in the water Why float?
Why does a company increases the number of shares?0Ellio2012-08-29 11:51:02
I have couple of investments in shares of companies that are increasing the number of shares traded in the market , my question is why? It's a good thing or a bad thing ? MedlinePlus Thank you !

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