Will the Celtics get another rondo in this years draft? related questions

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Will the Celtics get another rondo in this years draft?1keeli2012-08-10 08:17:02
They traded for rondo in 2006. He was #21, who knew he would be the best PG in the NBA? Will they draft/ trade for another superstar?
NBA: Why would the Celtics ever trade Rondo? ?1 â¿´ Shang wrong car -2012-08-17 05:38:04
Trading Rondo would probably be my motivation for not following the Celtics , Danny Ainge , until it is triggered . He was about to trade Paul Pierce to the Nets also a selection of round 1. Honestly, if Rondo is gone , so is the next 6 years or so. I have the Big 3 are old, but why move the piece to build around young one ?
Is Rondo from the Celtics going to be traded?2berts2012-11-03 23:35:02
Celtics' Rondo is going to be traded ?
Is there any possible trade that would send rondo away from the Celtics?4Maximus2012-09-17 12:42:06
I really can't think of any trade that would work cap space wise to trade rondo... Can you?
When will the celtics trade rajon rondo?0Bernie2012-07-19 23:36:02
Hate this guy.
Should the celtics trade rondo for justin hamilton?0Dannie2012-09-05 20:26:03
We need a big man and NBA scouts apparently do not look at the white , so I missed CLEARLY . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Danny Ainge DAMN ! Why could not look at this white man ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I saw a video legit to hit three free throws jumpshots ... unattended. But still, three? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That's like 6 points ? J1zz .
Can someone please tell me why trading rajon rondo would be a GOOD thing for the celtics?9western international university2012-09-05 16:25:02
Rondo is the only reason why the celtics are winning any games at all right now, and clearly he is their best player? Why would they want to get rid of that? Clearly they haven't learned what happens when you trade one of your key players...
Are all these Rajon Rondo Celtics trade rumors from early March false?1Soul to follow - 2012-08-28 05:34:02
Are all these trade rumors since the beginning Celtics Rajon Rondo March false?
Will Rajon Rondo or Ray Allen get traded on draft day?1Michalea2012-09-21 08:11:02
please be real
If your favorite team isn't the celtics, Who would you trade on your favorite team to get Rondo?10Ivar2012-10-24 14:00:01
Think of cap space , at least a little, and try to be realistic. Like , say you are a fan of heat. You could trade D- Wade and Norris Cole for Rondo.
Trading future draft picks in the NFL years in advance?1Eheheheheheh... Help?! :(2012-07-18 07:10:02
I just had a question where the answer is not really important , and it's just out of curiosity . I wonder how many years in the future can change their teams in the NFL draft. What I mean is, for example : Can a team trade a player for other teams, for example sixth round of selection for the next three years? Do teams do this ? and if so , do you have concrete examples. I looked online and could not find anything. Thank you.
Who should the Chicago Bulls draft? It looks like their not trading for next years 1st round pick?1Chantae2012-07-26 21:09:01
I prefer to trade in their 1st round picks for next years first round draft pick by the number of the great men of the lottery! I think they should draft James Johnson , Earl Clark and Blair

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