How accurate are Stock market guru and their trading software in prediction of stock price? related questions

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How accurate are Stock market guru and their trading software in prediction of stock price?0Britany2012-08-05 17:16:02
I am very new to the online stock trading and suffered many losses in intraday . There are many Guru and stock market trading software that claim 90 to 100 % accuracy in predicting the price movement. Because I'm so tired of losing my job , I'm thinking of using your service if your statement is true or not otherwise I have to resort to long-term investment . If someone uses or experienced these services please guide and suggest me .
Is there any good website about future stock index trading price prediction?0Trevina2012-10-05 17:31:39
With : MedlinePlus > Fundamental and Technical Analysis ? MedlinePlus > Short -term forecast , medium and long ? MedlinePlus > For the U.S. market ( Dow Jones & Nasdaq ) and MedlinePlus Asia ( Hangseng , Nikkei , Kospi ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would appreciate your response details ... thx .
Anybody a stock market guru??1charles filyaw2012-10-10 22:07:02
i traded daily over 4000 and make some money .. the problem was the time invested in my daily research ... 3 ... probably my husband thought that maybe I should find something and sit on it , my time for me .... so I researched and found a promising company , onlk , OneLink corp .. i saw promising news coming across the wire in the morning with this company and dived in. .. my 4000 fell to $ 95 in about 7 months ... I was stupid as I saw him go down, but I just kept thinking it will recover .... if someone has the time , would you look at this group and see what you think .... Thanks , Bill
Answer this Stock Market Guru?1julio2012-10-15 12:51:02
I had asked yesterday what the deal was on a trading suspension with EAG...From your answers I was told that there was a suspension for like 30 minutes yesterday morning. Here I am second trading day of the week and I still cannot sell EAG...what gives? Anyways hopefully someone can answer why...BTW I am dealing with and even they can't tell me why.
How accurate is the eSignal stock trade software? would you recommend it for a beginner trader?0Niqua Lov3ly2012-10-06 15:04:04
my business is taking off and I decided to start negotiating part-time (4-5 hours daily ) MedlinePlus In the commercial, said the software gives recommendation to invest in specific actions and can pay for itself in one or two operations , how accurate is the software? Would you recommend it ?
A company with a low stock price and low trading activity may wish to stimulate the market thru a stock issue?2unknown!2021-06-09 21:03:38
Yes or No?
In the stock market, why have a stock PRICE when trading/investoing occurs on the BID and ASK?1Lauryn2012-11-02 16:05:02
In the stock market , why have a share price when trading / investoing occurs in supply and demand ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if the price goes up in the company ABC to $ 20.00 , I can not sell at that price , because the offer is only $ 19.50 ....... Again , why are priced when we BID and ASK figures ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Jim
Stock Market Trading Software?0Erin W!!!!!!2012-10-14 04:09:02
Does anyone have any advice on a good year to buy ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am new at this and seeing software that gives buy and sell signals. I found a call if anyone has Dreamtai and please advice .
What's the best software to use for stock market swing trading?0acshikari2012-07-13 02:15:02
What is the best software to use for swing trading stock market ?
Best software for practicing of stock market trading?1HumanBodyIdiot2012-07-30 07:00:56
i am interested in online share market trading. i want to practice it so which is the best software to train myself it will be better if the software is free.
Which is the best day trading free software for indian stock market?1:)help please2012-10-25 09:29:02
What is the best day of free trade software for Indian stock market ?
Is it legal to run automated trading software on stock market, and how to do it?0rosland2012-07-05 15:49:02
Out of curiosity with regard to technical and legal aspects ( I am aware of financial risks ) , it is legal to run an automated trading software that deals for you using some kind of pseudo -IA ? If it is legal , how can you connect this type of software for the stock market ? I guess going through normal web sites would not be appropriate in terms of latency / cost , not to mention technically inefficient. Do you require special permits and qualifications to do so? How can you get? Thanks : o)

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