China have copy everything-& the US govenment allow those products to be sold here. What have China not copy? related questions

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China have copy everything-& the US govenment allow those products to be sold here. What have China not copy?5emoni2012-10-20 13:23:01
Generic Medication!!!! Remember who fast Rummty rush over to China Remember how fast the US allow Vietnam to be a trade partner after Vietnam threaten to create their own vaccine WTO = Trade Related Aspect of Intellectual Property ( TRIP) or Global monopoly of the world's market? Isn't it sickening that the International Corporations ( including Phamaceutical ) lobby our government to enforce laws (using our US $$$ and military as tools) to make sure developing countries won't develope new drugs and tech. for the poor poeple in the world. In the TRIP agreement China, Chile, India, Japan and other countries are allow to sell whatever they want in the US so long as they don't create generic products for the poor people in the world = Medicine and guess who was in charge of the WTO = A Jew by the name of Paul Wolfowitz = the architect of the Iraq war.............. and the guy that replaced Wolfowitz = Another Jew & India just sign on. Did Hugo Chevez violated this law
Are there any websites where I can trade an NTSC copy of a game for a PAL copy?0sela2012-08-31 14:38:03
About nine months ago when Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out , I was too impatient to wait for the UK release of the game, so that import Super Smash Bros Brawl U.S. with a Freeloader . Last Update Nintendo Wii software has disabled freeloader so now I'm not able to use my copy of SSBB on my Wii because it is an NTSC copy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what I want to do now is get rid of the copy NTSC and PAL obtain a copy of the game . Are there places where I can change my copy of Brawl NTSC PAL for a copy with someone else? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
DO you use Products made in china? and What's your overall impression of china products?2Aanthony2012-09-17 04:10:03
What is your comment about the quality made ​​in china ?
What are China towns in China famous for? What are the main export products1'Wu He. -2012-03-21 23:55:59
More information, more detailed
How can I find a reputable agent? I would like to buy products direct from China etc for best prices. I will ship the products to Nicaragua.8 Macau2012-01-01 21:15:42
How I can find a reputable agent ? I would like to purchase products directly from China, etc. for best prices and send to Nicaragua.
Too where can the storehouse copy whole book0Elton2012-07-31 04:11:56
Too where can the storehouse copy whole book and OK and bound into book?
Battlefield 3: do i need to re-buy a new copy of the game? Please help!?0MAHAYLA2012-07-21 13:47:01
I had battlefield 3 for a while and traded it in. Its been a few months and i want to pick it up again. I still have my online pass and saved data on my xbox so can i buy the game used? Or do i need a new copy?
how can I copy the address of the companies0Ibrahim2012-08-28 14:11:02
How I can copy the address of the companies
Where can I get a copy of Trading Standard Agency's?0maura2012-07-20 16:17:02
Rules and regulations on restaurants, small businesses etc. I work in a restaurant and when I tell people they cannot do certain things and they ask why not I never have any other answer than my boss told us no. I want to be able to tell them the details. I would also like to get a sort of handbook on everything you need to run a small restaurant/business, i.e. lisence for playing music, liquor lisence etc. Thank you
Forcibly removed after the first can not copy MP3 songs to the MP3, and why?0Adela2012-06-27 15:44:02
However, you can copy the lyrics ( . LRC ), please answer this question master ! Thank you !
How to go about writing copy for catalog items?1Wilpan2011-12-29 01:58:29
How to go about writing a copy of the catalog items ?
Borrow a copy of a diploma is no danger1wolf2012-03-11 01:25:43
If a copy of my title fell into the hands of other people , other people have nothing to harm my interest.

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