Do you think a revolution will happen because people feel they can't fix the government? related questions

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Do you think a revolution will happen because people feel they can't fix the government?2reeves2012-09-07 20:17:02
I believe it might happen one day because people want a better government, they are sick of the lobbyist and special interest running the country, many people don't want the trade agreements or illegal aliens in the country and they could stop that in 15 minutes by putting the army on the border, many many other things people are sick of and the government is not fixing it, i just think it could all lead to a bunch of pissed off people wanting a new government for the people and by the people.
How do you feel about people who use(government aid) welfare...?1avianna2012-09-17 03:51:02
as a lifestyle ? I know people who have been on welfare for 10 years. Never have gotten a job , applied to college , I went to a vocational school or anything . They very comfortable with the crumbs they receive from the state, county , etc. Why settle for someone this lifestyle , as opposed to getting a job ? Just wondering . MedlinePlus 1 second ago - 4 days to respond . MedlinePlus Report Abuse
Government policies are known to cause famines, with commodities going up could it happen again soon?0~{Happy Face}~2012-08-01 07:45:02
Commodities are already high, and expected to continue to climb. It's caused by the influx of printed money devaluing the dollar, and true inflation is expected to begin July-August. Add to that high fuel prices. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
What would happen if the government banned futures trading of oil?3Bettye2012-07-18 18:16:02
What if the government banned futures trading in oil ?
How do you feel about One World Government?1MAI2012-10-12 09:14:02
How would you like everyone was in a secular democratic state where the basic fundamental right is absolute freedom , provided they do not violate the freedom of another person ? Imagine a world where you can travel freely , currency , free trade , equal rights , freedom of speech / expression for all , etc.
Chinese Revolution and the similarities between what the Russian February Revolution1Addison2012-09-22 15:56:02
How many people at some point feel like trading in their significant others?1the shadow2012-11-03 15:42:02
my boyfriend is annoying the heck out of me tonight. Help Me
Why do some people feel Wade should be off limits in a trade?0jeannine2012-07-16 18:59:02
Just because Wade led Miami to an NBA Title 6 years ago I don't feel he should not be traded because of it. Kareem Abduljabbar and Shaq were traded by their teams even though they brought a championship or championships. If Miami can move Wade to bring someone like a D. Howard or possibly a combo like Danny Granger and Hebert then I think they should look into it.
Why do people feel more confident after 40? Is there anything in the bible on this topic?2~Little_Princess~ 2012-08-26 07:16:02
A lot of 40 + people agree that it may look older, but not change it for anything because I've never felt so self-assured and confident. At a younger age than they (we ) could have looked better , but we also had a lot of issues that prevented us from being comfortable with speaking and make better decisions. Anything in the Christian Bible or Catholic about that? :)
Why do people think that GM is not still owned by the Government?1He's not all bad like his reputation </32012-10-16 19:15:02
I've seen people say they have paid all their debts and are not owned by the government , but simply not true . I still own about 36 % and shares must trade at around $ 50 for us to break even . You think you are ever going to happen?
How are people so pro government intervention in the economy?0N-COUNT 2012-07-18 22:00:02
It is beyond me that our country is in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression and people blame capitalism. Just look at our governments involvement in the housing bubble, nasdaq bubble, student loan involvement... Look at the trade deficit .Our government obviously has a spending problem and therefor the solution is to increase taxes, encourage consumption and credit??? When did citizens just start believing everything they heard even if it throws common sense out the window?
I do join, and some people do business over 35 exchanges, I'm 24, I always feel silly, I do not know how to communicate with them how to do?1Aussie17 2012-04-29 00:12:27
I have not talked business with others. I do not know how about your first year of what I 'm late , I know and talk to them a little nervous. I feel a little silly , immature , how? ........

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