PLZ help me im confused MBA Vs. ITD master degrees??!? related questions

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PLZ help me im confused MBA Vs. ITD master degrees??!?1Yvonne2012-08-17 14:39:02
I juz graduated college (IT field) and i was wondering if a master degree in International Trade & Development would help my career, i'm confused between MBA & ITD i did some searching but i still can't makeup my mind !! so please help me if you know which one of them is more related to my field (IT) & would help my career
What master degrees are a good option to find work in environmental issues or social work?0it'sme2012-10-02 04:58:02
I am applying for some scholarships at this time , and some that look promising are : renewable energy and corporate responsibility , international relations , social projects and social inclusion , and even one of Gerontology , although distant from the above , it seems interesting nature of the work . MedlinePlus I have a degree in Business Administration , but was never really my thing ( family pressure ) . After graduating , I worked at a couple of companies for a short time in accounting and foreign trade , did not like it , then I taught English for a long time , and finally spent about a year living in music and language teaching . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Id like to use my brain , but I want to implement something that is rewarding , not just money . If I can make enough to support my humble life is good , but I do not want to be just work 9 to 5 to 30 - . 40 years and then die MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been reading a lot about environmental problems , resource exploitation , degradation of nature , trafficking in endangered species , all kinds of social problems , blah blah blah , and I wonder if you really study a masters will make a difference in helping me to work in one of these areas , you know honestly education today seems to be a big fake market . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have friends doing their expertise abroad , and tell me what a joke the level of education they are receiving is , but at the end of the day get a nice cardboard with his name on it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Someone to share your work experience and help me a little ? MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AB
Less than 600 degrees of myopia, 20 years old, hope to improve the way to 200-300 degrees, you can spend more time, but it must be effective0Earl2012-08-14 19:31:02
Now I'm in college, usually wears glasses , that is, to find effective , and gradually nursed back to health , I hope you can try to remove the eye of a few years, no surgery! I am absolutely sure to do!
Are technical/vocational degrees more valuable than college degrees these days?0damilola2012-09-23 23:39:02
How important is a college education ( BA ) in today's job market ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think the time is better spent learning a trade vs college ? MedlinePlus thx
80 degrees, saturated copper sulfate solution, 310g, 100g water heating evaporation, and then cooled to 30 degrees, the number of lamps can be precipitated where?1Wrong when the tender love2012-06-12 14:45:07
80 ° S = 55g , 30 ° S = 25 g I detail the process! !
How many degrees must one acquire...?1Mildred2012-10-06 22:47:02
... honestly to declare himself a " climate scientist ? " MedlinePlus The global climate is a very complex and interconnected . Apparently , all affect the average global temperature. To be a climate scientist , it would seem that you need in degrees : geology , climatology , paleoclimatology , oceanography , volcanology , astronomy , physics , chemistry , nephology , meteorology and others I'm sure MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus It would be impractical for mortal to study all these issues one. So in the end , is just a bunch of people who have a lot of other people's words for it. If you do not understand any other field , you can not assess the validity of their work . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We all know the value of the " Jack of All Trades " , splashing around , nothing gentlemen . That 's all a climate scientist is at the end . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I say it's time to end the myth of climate science . Clearly no such thing .
Would any of these degrees be a good investment?0Hanson2012-10-16 12:56:20
Degrees International - What can you do with them ? MedlinePlus Bachelor : MedlinePlus International Business / Commerce / Trade MedlinePlus International Agriculture MedlinePlus International relations and affairs . MedlinePlus I've looked at all the majors that public universities in Texas offer . MedlinePlus I only found these three races MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really want a degree in one of those fields . MedlinePlus I'd love to go into business , but then working in a cubicle comes to mind . I would be happy . It could also get to travel . something I would love . MedlinePlus International Agriculture - I love to travel to different parts of the world and the scarcity of food research and the like . Hows the job market ? MedlinePlus International Relations and Affairs - What can you do with that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That really strikes me is MedlinePlus Science , Technology and MedlinePlus Affairs But that's in Georgetown University in Washington DC MedlinePlus I live in Texas = (
What Trades or Degrees Will Lead Me To A Job In The Mines Or An Oil Rig?1sandip2012-09-29 13:28:02
What jobs are available ( besides engineering) or in the case of transactions that take me to work on an oil rig or in mines in the future ?
What are the best practical degrees/careers for an INFP?0celena2012-10-13 23:54:58
It would be nice to just be able to make a trade, but do not do well in the male culture or want to be in the mouths of people all day. I do not want to be a nurse either. I would like to study philosophy , but that's not the best place to get if I find a job to pay my student loans . I would consider something like an accounting major and philosophy minor, but I kind of doubt that being an accountant would be fulfilled .
What degrees do trading companies hire?0Madge2012-07-28 15:14:59
I just got a mechanical engineering degree, and want to get into trading. Energy, or equity trading, is this possible? My grades are not perfect, a little above 3.0. Do I need additional education, or can they hire me right away?
Degrees or trade school or monking?0marquis2012-10-27 19:24:03
Iam at this time in life where I have to make a decison . Either iam going to school for some grades and ID become a teacher or something . Maybe I'd go to a vocational school and pick up a trade, such as carpentry or electricia ? . The last option Ive Been monk like for me my life and see life develop on a computer ? . Iam looking for some tips . much appreciated
Test with everest down, motherboard temperature 60-75 degrees. This board will not burn.1Spring2012-03-07 23:37:28
Ask what causes it. IT has a solution ? Please advise ! Thank you !

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