Am I getting screwed over by this college?

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I withdrew at the beginning of fall semester, but too late to audit.(registration issue) The head of the program I was under said that I could still attend the lectures in preparation for this [spring] semester. I was told, by the head, the only thing I had to do was show up for the new semester( which I thought was odd, but hey this was my first time)Fast forward to beginning of spring, my instructor did not call out my name in class. Still a bit suspicious about everything, I asked if that was something I needed to be concerned about. He said No. Fast forward to the end of the semester, I passed all exams including the final. With the exceptions of 8 class hours and 2 clinical hours(missed because of hospitalization) I completed all else. Because I did not complete EVERYTHING by the deadline, my instructor says, he'll mark me as incomplete like last semester... He finds out in talking to the [new] head of our program that I haven't even been registered for the class. I'm still marked as a withdrawal. So the head of the program tried talking to registration, but they would not cooperate. He went over their head (whatever that means) and was still unsuccessful. So I invested a great amount of time and energy just for some administrators to block me over some dumb technicality? Am I being screwed? What options do I have left?Also, I told my mother that she can start talking them now, but I'm afraid that she will be rude and disrespectful. I'm NOT trying to burn any bridges! I haven't given her the contact information yet. I was thinking I would emphasize the need to keep all contacts open. I do have a deadline, could someone please help me? This trade has become apart of me. It's very important, and I'm crushed right now.
Answer1 calf man does not pullAnswered at 2012-08-11 19:14:02
Simple answer , Yes
Answer2HamiltioAnswered at 2012-08-31 11:51:02
Yes Egg understand , looks easy prey for Allah ..
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