Is forex trading leagl in india and if so which one best to start with a micro account in india? related questions

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Is forex trading leagl in india and if so which one best to start with a micro account in india?1Naresh Jafar2012-09-25 07:39:02
Do leagl currency trading in India and if so , what better to start with a micro account in India?
I want to start forex trading business in goa india?0Lojyn2012-07-24 06:52:02
Hey its like and I have a cafe in Candolim Goa and I like to do more with it, so I decided to start currency trading cus this place is full of foreign guests for 7 months and I personally think his booming business so your help will be very appreciated Thanks
I want to know about doing share trading in india from malaysia. how to open demat account in india from here.0\margie2012-07-04 12:58:07
we stay in malaysia. all the trading sites asking bank account in india. i have a local bank account in malaysia. any sites operating from malaysia?
Forex India - How can you find the Best Forex Broker if you are trading From India?1AbbyLovesMath2012-11-02 16:49:02
How can you find the Best Forex Broker if you are trading in India ?
How to transfer and withdraw funds from forex trading to india bank account?0[namrot]2012-07-09 18:32:02
Interested in forex trading , but India does not permit RBI regulations, currency trading , $ 200 is enough for currency trading If so, how to deposit n withdraw winnings , many traders in India are benefiting tell me of how or ideas thanks in advance
How did the east india trading company get power over india so easily even with india having more resources?0BABI2012-07-16 08:37:02
india in the 1700s was a major country. with more resources than england and a higher population. so how did it become colonized so easily by england? propaganda? help!
Can I maintain and trade US brokerage account from India? I already have scottrade but going back to India.?0Zahora2012-09-11 05:56:04
Dear Friends , MedlinePlus I'm in the U.S. with a work visa and am using Scottrade stock trading . I am planning to go back to my country and I want to keep my business and want to keep the account from India . I can ? Able to do from India . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Appreciate the responses . Please advice . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
What do you mean by forex trading? Can i start this business? In India how is response for this business?what?1molly anne2012-08-23 22:06:03
investment is required for this business? Is there a website or blog that explains this Indian business in layman (simple ) language ?
How do i start day trading in india?0ACC Help2012-11-05 02:07:58
im a student nd wld like to invest in stock market guessing i can earn my pocket money from it as i don't have permission to go for part time job..can ny1 plz help me as i do not have much knowledge about stock market...if so plz contact id is [email protected] nd wat is de minimum investment 1 should do 4 day trading in india??
How to start on line trading in India?1Gabriel2012-07-26 11:52:03
Hi, I searched on net but none of the thing helped me as a layman. I know, I need a pan card (I do) I need a demat account in a bank. (Say ICICI) And then, I need an online broker (ICICI Web Trading , 5Paisa, Sharekhan Online Trading ) After that, what I need to do??? How will this work? Do online transaction is better? Please explain all these for a layman
How to start day trading on NSE stocks in India?1gaberriel2012-08-07 20:35:02
I want start a trading company in india?0Brittany2012-09-09 05:50:02
I want to start a trading company in India ?

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