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Samsung Highlight or Samsung Comeback?1Manasa2012-10-05 03:13:03
I have a Samsung Gravity 3 in Marine Blue. I love it, but it's been giving me problems so I am trading in. My options are the Samsung Highlight or the Samsung Comeback. I want to hear from owners of these phones as to how easy they are to text on and how functional and convenient they are. I have big thumbs so I want something that is easy to text on. I've never had a touch screen phone before, so I'm wondering how easy this one is to text on.
SamSung X708 and SamSung E738 which better?0komal2012-07-17 08:21:02
Samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note.?0hotsuz212012-07-21 18:38:02
I just bought my note galaxy just over 3 weeks of AT & T. I'm hearing rumors that galaxy s3 is the next best thing that I am not an expert on phones, but I wonder if s3 is a phone better than my notes , that is, many more features and better applications. I also believe that my note is very important in my pocket and I hate AT & T phone should I change it to s3 when it comes into the store?
Do not buy a Samsung LCD TV. .1tapos2012-07-05 23:43:03
Samsung LCD TV I just bought a house six months to a problem, the need of a display of thousands of dollars? I just spent half a year, but ah. . . . .
How under the Samsung 908 QQ?1Whitney2012-05-01 02:44:10
? ? ? ? ? ?
Samsung F4801Ryan2011-12-18 20:40:51
I just bought the Samsung F480 can not be online , saying that the connection fails, send MMS to say no and resources that can help solve it , thanks to
Friends came by the next Samsung 9081Dolphin2012-02-02 00:57:31
His co- slide is a bit loose when the A
Samsung S5081Blith2012-05-05 00:45:30
Samsung S508
Samsung 878 and the D528 which is better?0copperhead2012-06-28 02:06:02
Positronium girls, although the 878 took the good, not very engaging and can even feel, more like the 528's appearance, but 878 and 528 can be extended memory only 80M, I am afraid that is not enough, in the end Which is better?
How is the copycat of SamSung used?1Bar2012-01-17 20:54:17
The machine that mine is Samsung three-in- a child, I 'm garbage , do not know how to use, when copying, you should put the paper where once again the scan ? Thank you !
Who Samsung SGH-E770 CD-ROM1llama2012-04-01 22:21:24
I just bought a Samsung SGH- E770 , a data line , but no CD- ROM, the connection is not on the team? Who, ah , leave a contact, my QQ number 8632384 E -MAIL [email protected]
Is HBO GO available on Samsung Smart TV?0marywillisus2020-07-11 00:19:26
Hi, The HBO GO app is free to download from the Samsung Marketplace. You need to have an HBO subscription through a participating TV provider in order to stream HBO GO. ... Please contact Samsung for any questions you have related to charges for your Samsung device. HBO GO is available on many, but not all Samsung TVs.  HBO Go Activation Code HBOgo Activate Code  

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