Not to deposit client trust them?

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No deposit customers trust them?
Answer1ChuckyAnswered at 2012-01-28 18:50:23
If a customer pays a deposit only , and does not pay , then we must be careful it is also possible that you communicate well with customers , so the client does not respond fully to believe that your eyes have to see, and if you feel trust this person , there is no problem if the future of small firms in the industry , probably to avoid unnecessary losses. Confidence ! Whenever you are very speculative in the exchange of each other! Pay attention to the credibility of business is a problem, if the buyer has the goods , they were also asked to pay a particular deposit , which will make buyers think that you own is too narrow. It would be very uncomfortable, the next cooperation possibilities considerably reduced. If the shipment is large enough, but also the order in which the buyers, which requires a deposit to the buyer that the case , so that the buyer in the course of the owner in the sale of commodities uncomfortable feelings ! On the credibility of a buyer , of course, a deposit! But also for the future development has played a catalytic role ! These are outlined in my business out Oh , we also have the opportunity to cooperate !
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