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Stock Call Option question: What determines how many avg daily trades a Call option has?1ericka2012-09-29 04:32:02
I thought it would be based on the average daily volume of the population - The higher the level of stocks , the greater the volume of options. But I compared the volume of option trades some populations with different APP 4000000 avg daily trades and it seems that the activity of choice for one may be very low and the other high.
What are option trades? (Call option & Put Option)?0Aalisha2012-08-04 17:48:02
I have been reading a few things online but they dont make sense. Can someone please explain everything about option trades to me? Call option and Put option in specific.
Suppose you purchase a call option on a stock. the strike price is $75 and the option contract costs $3. what?0Mile2012-08-25 01:09:19
is the total gain (loss ) in dollars if the trading price of the stock is : MedlinePlus one . B $ 50 . C $ 60. $ 70 d . E $ 72. $ 75 f . G $ 78. H $ 80. $ 85
Options trading Q: If I buy a Dec 10 call option, do I have to sell it as a Dec 10 option?0rhodium2012-10-05 19:00:17
Or I can sell it as an option for a different month ? Thanks , I'm new options .
What is meant by Put option and Call option in share trading?2Melonie2012-08-31 12:20:02
Explain in simple words or tell me a website where you can only know the basics of these options.
Can some one show me by example how buy to put option works or buy to call option?0scooby doo2012-09-03 08:21:02
I want to change options but all these sites but no examples explain . What to buy to market and sell and buy everything you mean something else? MedlinePlus I like a couple of options that I see going up. So what method I can use . I see the exercise price and the feeling that these actions will never come. What should I do ? MedlinePlus thanks
Do you know about call-put option stratigies in option trading Plz tell me some of them?0adesola2012-10-13 00:17:40
Do you know about stratigies option - put in options trading Plz tell me some of them ?
Why did my option call option decline so much?0Njeri2012-07-13 03:45:02
I am on investopedia's simulator playing a game, trying to get the hang of options, so let me explain what happened: 1. I bought the option HTZ1216F13, in the last half hour of trading on 5/29/12 (today) 2. it was 1.15 per option and I bought 40 ($4600) 3. HTZ stock high was at 13.87 for that period 4. HTZ closed at 13.84 for the day. 5. I think the option should have an approximate delta of about .6, but it declined all the way to 1.10/option (.05/option drop in value) for only .03 move in stock!!!?????? (if a 1.00 move in stock would give me about .60 move in option contract price, then .03 move in stock would be about (.006*3) or .018, but my option moved about triple that, which would mean the delta is also about triple) CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED???! Thank you so much
A stock option is on February, May, August, and Nov cycle. What option trade on (a) April 1 and (b) May 30?1Ashfia2012-08-29 14:38:13
I'm looking for income from option trading. Any good option strategies services you recommend?1tyana2012-08-10 19:50:03
Tips for the best options strategy ...
How do you unwind from the negative side of a straddle option when I am option trading?0tika2012-07-30 01:46:57
I'm trying to learn more about option trading . I know how to use calls and puts , and have made ​​money doing this. But now I want to participate in straddles , spreads and put options . So if I'm using a combination of options I can how disconnect the negative side of the mosquito when the population is moving away from that side ? How do I use a spread and how do I sell an option seccessful ?
For option trading, why don't people just hedge one day before the expiry, if it is european option?0cheddie2012-07-30 23:39:56
It does not make sense to hedge long before expiry right? Because options can not be exercised any way.

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