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For audio engineering, college or trade school (ex:Full Sail)?2hhfo2012-11-04 18:31:01
My boyfriend is looking at audio engineering schools . I'm hearing mixed reviews. We live in Florida so the obvious choice is Full Sail. Is it worth the money? Is it just an expensive business school ? If you find a regular college or accredibility Full Sail is a good choice? We have not done a tour in Full Sail , however , but plan on it. Everybody says that walking through a great experince , but the school can always be all sweetness and make it look like the best option. Anyone with suggestions or comments that went to Full Sail would be greatly appreciated .
Need help looking for a College/Trade school in Software Engineering?13 grade2012-11-04 15:06:02
Well, I left school a while ago, and plan on getting my GED soon (My state allows me to graduate in my class ). But now I'm trying to think ahead to what I do after getting my GED. Since retiring and have had a lot of time on my hands , I've been going to bookstores and library reading in software engineering .. As I have been teaching and researching yourself many things on my own. I can say I'm pretty sure I'm going to do well in this field of work because they have collected a lot quite quickly . Anyway , I've been searching the internet and I can not find any community colleges or trade schools that can help get a degree in that field ( software engineering or computer science ). I was looking at ITT technology but from the sounds of it, most people really regret going there. I looked at some community colleges , but I feel very confused when it comes to some of the " requirements" to register for that field. For example , may require certain kinds of math? Which probably would have had in high school ? Or the cover of my GED that? It also recommends anyone you know? I live in New York by the way.
Please advise a mid-20s college dropout? Trade school or college? SW Chicago?0crocodile2012-09-21 21:48:02
I'm 24 (soon 25) year old man from suburban Chicago who left the university in my first year. At that time I was very motivated, but I've never had many problems in school for which he received a scholarship to study at a university in the city pretty decent. Complete the FAFSA and received a loan has since been repaid. My parents handle much all this since I was a bum. I ended up leaving due to depression and the fear of ending up with a huge debt and still no clear path. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since then I have worked part-time jobs on and off. During this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died. Due to this and the resulting depression I have a pretty poor work record for the past few years, so I have to fill my resume with exaggerations and lies just to find anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm living with my other parent at this time, I had a couple of little jobs, but nothing now that the holidays are over. I am definitely not a child trust fund. Not long ago, and I try to get ahead. I can pay for my own food, clothes, gas, insurance, and most things when possible. I no longer struggle with apathy and depression like I used to, but my situation is much more serious objectively. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This makes me draws the conclusion that the only way I can get on with my life and look for a decent future is to get student loans once again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a lot of passions, but want to get into something lucrative, as soon as possible. I love music occurs during leisure time, and it would be great if that was gone, but I'm not holding my breath. I've always been a very talented sculptor. This results in both physical means and the 3D computer modeling, although I have little training in either. Will the route be computer smart and lucrative career, or would it be better to follow a more commercial oriented facet about it? I heard that the glass blowers can make good money and I think it could be really good at this and I am very satisfied. I also believe that with enough practice you could become a good artist morgue reconstructive and makeup. I know this can throw a decent wage. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've also always wanted to fly (especially helicopters.) Although math is not my forte, I know I'm capable. I considered the military in the past, but I doubt that qualify for that at this point. I know there are loan programs for flight school. Would this be a wise way now, or is it more suitable as a chase after achieving self-sufficient and comfortable living thing? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TL, DR MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Blown glass, computer models, artist mortuary, flight school, which is the best idea and how I can start making things happen as soon as possible, while MedlinePlus broke and unemployed? MedlinePlus I need information on loans and grants programs also. I apologize for this being so lengthy. Thank you.
Where did you meet your best friends high school or university/college/trade school?Which did you like better?1ann faniel2012-08-23 19:23:02
I am currently in gr.12 and i feel like i only have 3 best friends the rest of the people i know i just talk to sometimes. The one best friend i know i will be best friends with her forever the other 2 im not so sure of i think so because the one friend i have known since i was really young and the other one the only reason why i wouldn't be talking to her after high school is if she moves away to her country. So my question to you is where did you meet your best friend? And is it bad that i seem to only have 3 friends? I mean everyone always says that high school is where you will meet your best friends for life but i feel like i haven't found that i seem to have only found one best friend that i can see 100% will be in the future with me..... most of the people at my school are immature and only care about money and themselves and i dint really want to be good/best friends with those type of people. Sorry i feel like im blabbing on too much basically i want to know about your past and if you liked high school and if you still keep in touch with those friends or if you found your friends in post secondary. Thank you to all who answer
Is a career in Audio Engineering right for me?0variable noun MODAL 2012-07-27 18:22:00
I LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I'm constantly getting into new sounds and love most genres. I've also recently really started to become an audiophile. I'm obsessed with good audio equipment and good audio files. Not a fan of the "Loudness War" at all, and try to only download lossless files. Basically, I love everything to do with music. HOWEVER, I have NO MUSICAL TALENT. I dabble with drums, and have rhythm, but that's it. Now is that going to be a problem? Or can I specialize in radio/TV and not worry about producing music? But have the sound knowledge to supplement my hobby? I think I may be right for this, I really care how my music sounds, and I'm constantly listening to it's production. Also vitally important would be job outlook and salary expectation. It would be a career, so I wouldn't mind making good money. Or else I may have to get into a trade : ( Please help me! I'm 22 and don't know what I wanna do with my life.
Should I go to college or go to a trade school?0Sexxy_Aussie_Guy 2012-10-02 20:59:37
I graduated from high school this year from January 2012 as an average year graduated . The first day after I left school , I went straight to the work he was hired . After a month of working five days a week , my mother kicked me and my girlfriend out of the house . Then , I went to live with their parents until now . I applied for a community college but have not completed the process , because I'm very sure. I've been looking at another school as remington , virginia tech , etc , but it seems that the school is not very good school of the reviews I've read about them . I also applied for financial aid , but did not complete the process . So now to the point , I do not live with either of my parents , and I'm pretty much on my own , for now . Not paying bills and even recently quit my job that I was not doing enough of dealing with stress . I was usually earn less than the minimum wage since I worked there. The reason I'm confused is because they want to be in debt in the future , as it will be the one paying my way through college if I decide to go . I know that in this economy , even if you have a degree , does not guarantee you a job so you went to school . Are there any suggestions for my situation ?
College vs Trade School?0Banasa2012-10-23 04:35:17
I will be a sophomore in high school I know it's early to think about my future , but what do you think is better to do. Get a business (engineering , electrical , plumbing , etc ) or go to college for four years and get a diploma ? I think persomally trade schools will be a better chance of getting a job . But I'm not sure , I just want a little knowledge with today's economy . by the way I live in the U.S. if you are wondering ...
I would like to go to college or at least trade school?0vvvcvz2012-11-01 19:45:27
well i was fairly bright in school and the last year of school i kind goofed around and wound up going to a secondary school to get my last couple credits. after school i got in a little legal trouble and got on probation. i would like to go back to school but i dont know if financial aid is still an option or if i could even be accepted to a college after all this. if someone has any ideas and could give me an idea as to how the process needs to be handled i would appreciate it.
Community college vs trade school?0dena2012-11-02 12:11:27
which is a better option?
How can I go to college/trade school if I can't get financial aid?1Breeze2012-08-16 01:58:03
According to the FAFSA my parents earn too much money for me to get financial aid like some of my friends have. They only have to pay for a class if they fail. My parents are helping pay my school, they earn is not helping me .
Can I go to college/university after attending a trade school?0Petronella2012-09-08 21:23:03
Right now I'm trying to plan aspects of my life once I get out of high school ( worst living nightmare ) . I really interested in skin care , so I'm thinking of becoming a beautician and going to a vocational school . But once I'm done with school trade , what if I want to go to a university / college and get a degree is something else, such as education or music production ? I can do that? My plan was to be a beautician for a backup plan if my career in music production do not exercise . I just need someone viewpoint on my plan for the future , because I 'm a little confused .. I'm just a teenager. Any suggestions / opinions / anything?
Sail 1.4EMT I bought a new automatic car, how high idle suddenly, parking for less than a block from the D block _ N Sail car other issues1mustang2012-04-02 19:15:04
Browse 1.4EMT I bought a new automatic car , how suddenly high vacuum , parking for less than a block from the block D _ N cars Vela other issues

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