Do LIBS realize Al Gore has made billions of dollars off the "global warming" scam? related questions

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Do LIBS realize Al Gore has made billions of dollars off the "global warming" scam?6kel2012-10-22 03:12:02
That fact alone should infuriate any LIB tree hugger. Here is a guy whom tries to make himself seen as a 'keeper of the earth' and his main incentive is to grab as much cash from gullible investors as he can. Al Gore predicted 12 years ago that the world would end in 10 years. Why would anyone concern themselves with money if they believed that message? Please LIBS- just THINK for once! More fakery exposed-
Libs, how long ago did you remove the AC from your house because they cause global warming?2Frank2012-09-19 12:51:03
... using electricity, which is usually made from coal , gas , nuclear , hydro or ( fish kills and the environment ) --- his party says things are terrible for the planet ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh turbines kill bats . Solar uses rare earth minerals --- typically from China. Trade with China , U.S. weakens. Right?
What will Al Gore and the global warming experts do now...?3Margie...(HappyNewYearEveryone)2012-10-05 09:38:02
Icelandic volcanoes that are cooling the temperature of the Earth with huge amounts of ash hurled into the air ? All flights to and from Britain are canceled today because of the ash clouds . Experts predict volcanic earth's temperature will start to decrease . If we're all going to burn more gas , oil and coal in a poor attempt to " save the Earth " ? I guess we do not have the need for a trade now Cap . Obama and the socialist determined to redistribute wealth to be deterred by these new scientific facts ? MedlinePlus
What "money" is Al Gore making off of Global Warming?3Brianna S.2012-10-14 01:23:03
Do people understand that the only companies that make money from carbon credit trading (or whatever you want to call it) are the companies that do right by the environment and don't need to buy credits? Do they understand that Al Gore's movie sold so well because people obviously agree that George Bush's policies have neglected the environment for too long? Do people understand that Al Gore did not "invent" either global warming nor the internet? Do they understand that there is a big money-making scheme going on that would be disrupted by environmentalism? (That would be fossil fuel dependance.) Driving your Hummer is just plain uncaring and irresponsible anyway you look at it. Your thoughts?
Is it true Democrats thought Gore would be "humiliated" if he had to actually debate global warming?4Shawn2012-09-27 19:47:02
Obama wants to pass cap and trade taxes based on " global warming " theory, however, the main proponent of this theory is being protected by the Democrats of having to discuss for fear of it being " humiliated " ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Why does tweaker Al Gore believe that our forests being destroyed by bugs that were caused by Global Warming?0crocodile2012-09-11 07:54:10
Not meant for Global Trade ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have lived long enough to know that these insects have been imported for years . I know ... if we ban the trees come into the country , we would like to draw protectionist. So what if it saves our trees and woodlands ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Irritating errors in the global trading system MedlinePlus
Bush and Gore both agree that Global Warming is real. So what is the best way to help cut carbon emissions?1james Neil2012-11-04 14:02:02
Bush has admitted that global warming is real , and is affected by human activity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus / world / america
Do you think the majority of people still believe in "man made" global warming?1amy lorette2012-10-04 22:50:02
Don't people see that the whole man made warming theory is simply a global wealth redistribution scheme as well as a fake incentive for globalization in general? It's simply all about money and has nothing to do with the environment. Simply look at the news. You have developing countries requesting billions of dollars in "climate change aid." Things like "Cap and Trade" are being proposed to tax people on their emissions. There is even talks of a global emissions tax. Even if things like Cap and Trade are passed, how does that stop pollution? It doesn't... it simply allows companies to pay to pollute... and those that don't want to pay will simply move to an area where they can. It's about globalization as well, think about it, what is the easiest way to bring people together? Create a common threat. And the "threat" of climate change affects everyone. I mean come on... the poster boy of global warming is Al Gore, and what is Al Gore... a POLITICIAN... is Al Gore a scientist, or expert on Earth's, again, he is a POLITICIAN. Please wake up everyone, look at the money trail... Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Look back at the Ice Age, when it eneded what happened? Climate change...and were factories, cars, pollutants, etc. around then? No they were not. Being green is great, it's technologically progressive and that is what we need, but if you think for a second all these countries and politicians are acting under the "best interest of the environment" simply because they should... please open your eyes, there is an agenda behind it, and that agenda, just like everything else, is about power, control, and money.
If one assumes man made global warming is real, HOW do you fix problem?2Carol Ann2012-11-06 07:14:02
The only solution I've heard involves Cap & Trade legislation that is basically the highest taxes of using it without green energy . Which obviously does not address global warming at all . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then , assuming it's real, what's the solution? The carbon credits ?
Do most of you understand why large energy companies are "getting behind man-made global warming"?0Sitara2012-11-02 22:48:12
They have TRADING arms. Trading is much higher margin than production, and certainly is much higher margin than transportation and delivery, of energy. In short, as long as "cap and trade" is the "solution" to global warming, it's in the financial interest of big business to buy in. Guess whose financial interest it's NOT in......?
If Man Made Global Warming (Climate Change) isn't all about raising taxes....?3whale2012-11-01 22:39:02
So would it be wrong to ask the government not to increase ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After all , raising taxes is not the reason I want the man to pass legislation Made Global Warming .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am not opposed to the idea of taking good care of the environment , only oppose the idea of ​​paying more as the only solution for it ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can not do with the tax money we're already paying ? MedlinePlus Can find ways to protect the environment and promote prosperity at the same time? Why can not both co -exist ? ( No, Cap and Trade will not because punishes prosperity ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus More money = more taxes prosperity ! Do you not know this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you say ?
Is man made climate change or global warming really a fact beyond debate as the Liberals portray it?0Kingram2012-09-07 06:00:02
Or is it just a way to shut people ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cap & trade is going to be a big deal to our economy than the causes of climate change are addressed honestly ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or honesty ruin this money making system?

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